Hammered a tesla to skip the maximum 12.8 days. As I previously said in my Hidden Tesla post, they need a range boost to help make them stronger and TH13 teslas definitely need a dps buff to at least 140-150 to be a significant enough boost. I honestly cannot tell the difference when I attack someone with TH11 or TH13 teslas.

Even against high hp targets, you need so many point defenses upgraded to feel any significant difference between one level of defenses. For example, it takes 5 point defenses to take down a pekka in 10 seconds. With 5 upgrades, those point defenses now take 9 seconds to kill the same pekka, hooray! Each upgrade only decreases the time to kill by 0.2s in this case! Given that we are still using TH12 pekkas, it is absurd that they are still so strong

Started another point defense upgrade. We do gain 17.3% growth (122/104) across two levels of archer towers but that was mainly due to a rebalancing where they nerfed cannon and AT to buff xbows. We gain 12 dps at level16 and only 6 on the final level, which makes no sense actually. If the final level had another +12, it would actually be reasonable.

The growth would also be reasonable if they just released more cannons/AT as we progress through the levels. Instead of giving 1 level of cannons for +7 dps which would only equate to +49 dps, they could’ve just released an 8th cannon which would increase the entire base’s dps by 132! This was how TH9/10 was balanced, more defenses allows us to spread everything and cover more ground. It seems like they are really averse to “making things more complex” and increasing base size now so more defenses seem to be just a pipe dream. We still only have 4 mortars and 4 ADs since TH9! You can actually feel how impactful the 5th WT and 5th tesla are in their respective TH levels.

It also makes no sense to release two levels of a defense within the same TH level because if something were to be underpowered, they could’ve just buffed it. Instead, they chose to release two levels to artificially prolong the grind for nothing really.

I think rushing to TH13 is great for one thing though, the expanded storage really helps with resource management and actually helps rushers with walls and farming. With 18mil in storages, you can farm up to full and upgrade multiple walls every time a builder is free; or you can farm to full and spend it on 2-3 different upgrades.


  1. Hey Sin, been following your guides for quite some years. Got a couple of questions.
    1. Any videos on how you barch?
    2. Can you give your account ID so I can track on how you do things ingame too?
    3. Just last week I bought season pass and upgraded to Th12, heroes are at 52/36/20 right now. I’m planning on moving to th13 as soon almost all my offensive buildings are done( Including AQ 60). Should I be worried about BK?
    4. Also how do you play cwl when for an entire week you cant upgrade heroes? I’m at a dilemma since the season bank is gonna come and cwl starts at the same time. I wouldnt have done cwl if it weren’t for those medals.


    • 1. Working on those right now
      2. You have my clan name and my in-game name, so it should be really easy to track me
      3. 52 meaning lvl52 AQ? Then that sounds like a plan. You should never worry about BK, you cannot really feel his growth
      4. Use armies that don’t rely on heroes. Electro for example, do not rely on heroes and you can get 2-3 stars fairly easily even against stronger bases


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