This account is remaining in legends because I don’t need much more loot to max out TH13. I only need about 2-3mil/day to keep my builders upgrading traps so I just need about 3-4 raids to keep them going. I still hate that I get rubbish loot but at least I don’t lose an absurd amount of loot in lower leagues due to my overflowing elixir and DE. I want to try and keep as much loot as possible for the next update whenever it is coming.


  1. Right now in th12 with a gold pass, would you recommend buying hammers or potions with cwl medals, since there quite a few offensive upgrades that go over 10 days too.


    • I would generally advise to save those medals for TH13 because there isn’t much reason to spend them earlier.

      There is a good argument to use hammers for the builder base so that you unlock the 6th builder earlier.


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