I’m still chugging along in legends, barely doing any raids just to stay in legends right now. I don’t need loot anymore so I’m just chilling here. Hybrid miners are now much harder to 3 star after the mini balance update which is quite annoying. I keep getting 80-90% 2 stars which is a failure.

I hate SC’s balancing of 2-3 stars because you can do an amazing attack and still get the same result as someone who sprayed edrags and got 50% 2 stars. The crux of balancing since many years ago have been 2 stars are too easy while 3 stars are too hard. If SC can balance that properly, it would be more fun and fair for players. Then again, someone who sprayed yetis can still easily get 70-80% 2 stars so the balancing would be really hard.

I’m finally maxing out my seeking air mines before I finish my small bombs. This is actually my entire upgrade list, I don’t have any other upgrades beyond those small bombs.


  1. At what hero levels is it good to move onto th13 from th12?
    Also is it better to spend cwl medals on hammer of lab rather than building, and spend all of these on th13 and none on th12?


    • Hero levels should be either lvl60+ AQ or >lvl20 warden. Either one would do fine. Medals on lab are good to an extent, once you max all important troops it becomes far less useful


  2. Hi Sin!

    I have followed your strategic rushing guide and I am very happy. My problem is that I have several maxed armies (hybrid, laloon, edrags, yetis, etc) buy my heroes are 35//70/50/20. I have focused on AQ and RC but my DE farm didnt allow me to spend any in BK so he is way underlevel 😦 Now my DE storage is always full since 60k everyday in legends is way more than needed to keep BK 24/7.

    Its very frustating since to triple nearly-max th13 bases BK is quite mandatory despite being the worst hero.

    How should I fix that? Im spending all my gems on Books from the trader, (ill probably buy some good gems and/or BoH packs that appears in the shop but im mostly F2P). Should I invest my medals in hammer of Heroes? in terms of time/medal is horrible, but in terms of offence upgrade/time is better than builder potions or HoB and HoF. (my defenses are th9 the weak ones and th13 the strong ones).

    Clash ninja says i have 8 months with pass before I can attack with maxed king :((

    Any advice?


    • I still wouldn’t spend those medals on BK because one day SC will add new levels to AQ/GW which would probably be worth more. I would say if you have the money, just gem BK whenever your DE storage is full. Your BK also doesn’ take 7 days to upgrade so hammers would be even worse

      There’s no right or wrong either way, but I think you will only cut down your time by 1 month if you buy hammers.


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