Used a BoB to skip another air defense. For obvious reason detailed below, this BoB comes from my season pass. Being able to skip all the timers for these long upgrades is really good

Completed this easy bowitch event being in Champs. If I were in legends, I need to use bowitch for 12 raids, switch to a goblin army for 12 raids to get all the rewards. With just a 3 day event, this leaves no room for error (24 raids) and I would have needed to raid all 8 raids for 3 days straight which is a really difficult thing for me to do due to my schedule.

I can easily attack 12-16 times per day in lower leagues because I can raid twice, wait 20-30min, raid the third time. Whereas in legends, I can only attack once per 40-50min which is not feasible for my schedule.

Collected these rewards for this account. I sacrificed the book of spells for 100 gems because I don’t plan to upgrade any spells next month. This gamble paid off because I will get another book of spells in March’s season pass. If I had taken the BoS here, I would have needed to sell the BoS from season pass or use it to skip a 5-6 day upgrade. In retrospect, it seems like skipping a 5-6 day upgrade is better than 100 gems, oh well.

SC gave some amazing offers for us to prepare for season bank. Besides the runes, every other pack is worth it. For those using USD, its $2 for 3 builder potions which is ironically the 2nd worst among the 4 packs. You can save about one week with 3 builder potions whereas the $3 for book of buildings can save nearly 2 weeks. The double act pack costs $5 for those dealing with USD or Euros is the best pack among the bunch.

This magic item storage would greatly help me to progress next month as I am upgrading my last 2 WT to TH12 level, then I can use books to skip their final TH13 level.

Maxed out my wizards so that now my siege barracks is fully powered up.

Started the upgrade for lava hound so that I have that option if I want to. I plan to use a book to complete the final level to maximise the time I skip. Laloon is really weak in TH13 right now because of scattershots which ignore hounds and just destroy loons without punity.

Got the season bank loot but I actually cannot spend it for another two days.

One day before I can spend my gold on defenses. I’ll need to bear so losses on defense then. Unlike newbies in reddit, I’m not afraid of losing a lot of loot because I know I lose the same whether I have 28mil or 5.5mil in my storages.

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