Main account took slightly different rewards for clan games, though on hindsight taking the 100 gems might have been better for this account. Oh well, can’t change that. I was able to use 5 builder potions, 2 from clan games and 3 from sales. That would help me shave off almost 2 days.

This is my final BoB usage before I max out TH13. Now I only have traps remaining and it will take me another 10 days or so to max out.

The list of remaining upgrades you see here are the only upgrades I have remaining for TH13. Pretty excited to max out again but hope for new stuff to keep me entertained.

Destroyed 400 scattershots and earned a decent sum of gems. Now I need to destroy 3600 more for the final 1000 gems, that’s going to take years.


  1. My heroes are 53/37/20 as AQ, BK, GW.
    1. What level of heroes is the best (not minimum level) to upgrade to th13?
    2. Is it better to use book of heroes on GW than AQ since he has more levels, or use on AQ so as to go to th12 faster to grind RC?
    3. Any update on the barch guide? Struggling a bit to even get a 50% with just barch, since all my heroes are down.


    • Those hero levels are more than enough, keep AQ awake for QW barch and you’ll cruise to max pretty easily. Book on AQ until she’s 70 then book GW to 40. No updates yet, I’ll drop to crystal masters to record videos soonish


  2. 1. My heroes are 53/37/20, AQ,BK,GW. What’s the best hero level to move to th13? (Not minimum)
    2. Have a 300+ medals. Should I buy builder potions now, since all 3 heroes are down mostly, or buy hammers at th13?
    3. Any update on the barch guide?


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