Need to boost my builders to be able to spend my loot asap. I actually used a second builder potion afte r

Once I gained control of one of my builders, I hammered my most expensive upgrade.

Booked another one of my expensive upgrades.

And started an upgrade of my archer tower. I reckon that’s loot well spent and a large chunk of progress done within a day. Except for the tiny +6 dps on archer towers, at least I will be somewhat stronger.

Base looking quite pretty now, with defenses at mostly TH12 levels. Once I “catch up” on a few mortars, everything will be TH12/13 level.

I still need to spend my elixir and DE but I still have 5 days on my lab upgrade pending. Mortars are pretty high on the list of things I want to upgrade, because they have such short upgrade times and cost only half my gold storage.

Insight of my current progress level:

Currently 362mil gold and 2m14d to maxed TH13

Lab still has 13 months to ago though, but I believe a few books would fix that really quickly.

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