If you have not heard, there is a huge discount coming in the next update. However, there doesn’t seem to be a discount in upgrade times which means the grind would be exactly the same except you’ll have overflowing storages more often. It may be SC’s plan to push active players to TH10/11 without maxing, but I don’t fully believe that.


Its also sad that they didn’t reduce anything for TH12/13 which is a huge slap to our faces because we grow so slowly compared to lower levels. I don’t mind 12-18mil/12-18 days upgrades at all if their strength grew proportionately. It makes no sense that TH11 can easily 2 star maxed TH13s. The main problem is that you need to get 100% 3 star to beat a lower level’s 50% 2 star, because 50% is the same as 99%.

To prevent lower levels easily getting 2 stars, each TH level must be at least twice as strong as the previous level. A TH13 needs 100% of their troops to get 100% destruction, whereas a TH11 can use 100% of their troops just to get 50% and call it a day. Even a lvl35-40 Queen walk cannot fail if you can afford to spam 3-5 rages and multiple freezes, whereas a lvl70 QW must ration their spells so that their main army has a chance to get 3 stars.

Base progress looking quite good right now. I’m using this base for my CWL as well because I don’t want TH11/12 or weak TH13 getting 2 stars on me. I don’t mind good TH13 players using good armies to 3 star me, as long as weaker players cannot easily exploit me. Even then, a good yeti blimp rage freeze can easily down my TH which I why I believe the giga bomb should explode much earlier. Giga inferno should also block heal and ignore freeze but that seems like a pipe dream.

Most high level members in my clan agree that freeze spell should be reworked to prevent low levels exploiting it against us high levels. Even the strongest defense in the game can be stopped for 3-5s by a lowly TH10 which is absurd.

Grinding upgrades, everything going nicely here. I’m actually less than 3 months away from max and possibly only 2 months remaining if I use my books well. Lab will take almost 12 months but books can easily bring that to 10 months. However it looks like my journey will be prolonged again because of this new update. SC has not released anything for maxed TH13, but I highly doubt there will be nothing.


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