Third day of CWL and our clan was #1! We actually just reached Masters 3 this season and yet we are crushing it. Will share how we did it in another post this week.

Progress is marginal from day-to-day but at least things are getting built. I only have 1 archer tower and 2 mortars at TH11 level, after that I’ll be mid TH12 level and nearly done with all my defenses. I’m basically back at the same point as Dec 2019, but I bet SC will increase my grind by another 3 months before I can max out. This has always been my plight, but blame me for being slow. No wonder maxers take 3-4 years and still nowhere near maxed. If you’re progressing slowly, SC will add content faster than you can upgrade.

I honestly don’t mind the prolonged journey because I would be extremely bored of the game otherwise. The only reason I play is for progress but SC seems to be quite disappointing in that regard. I play idle games at the side and its mindblowing how fun progression is when you make things balanced. New players get a lot of new toys and veterans gain exponential power. Too bad SC doesn’t have any clue how to balance the game. People are finally agreeing to what I say, TH13 balance is absolute crap. You spend 3-5 months upgrading yet only the first 2 weeks matter and you are still easily crushed by TH11. The state of the game is sad.


    • Played realm grinder to its end and currently playing itrtg. I much prefer the progression system of itrtg since RG has a few nonsensical time gates, but both are far superior compared to clash


  1. Hey dusk, I’ve loved your guides, and I’ve been trying to run 2 accounts at once. One is a new th12 (didn’t realize rushing was superior until a little while ago) and the other is a strategically rushed th11. Any tips on farming and maintaining two accounts at once?


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