Finally, after 3 months grinding, mostly just waiting for defenses, I’ve maxed out TH13. I actually don’t feel much stronger and I’m about as strong as my mini right now. Maxed out scattershots, RC and giga inferno confers about 90% of my growth in TH13, everything else is just fluff.

It seems more people are agreeing with my sentiment that TH13 is extremely weak compared to the growth of lower levels.

All builders available. This is the true max you want to achieve, and not “Town hall” remaining. Maxers like to say that they are “maxed” which is false because only TH13 can be considered maxed. In that definition, we the rushers are the true maxers in this game. Conventional maxers are just gimping their long term progress and eventually not max out.

Maxed out lab for some time now, nothing much to see here.

Overall, I am really disappointed with TH13 so far and I hope that they will change it next update, but I think that is hugely unlikely. Balance has been crap for the past few years now and more people are starting to notice that. I don’t mind the 14-18 day upgrades (maybe because of the gold pass), but I am bothered by how bad most of the upgrades are in TH13. I think change is unlikely at this point.

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