Hound is another troop that grows pretty badly but I’m sure everyone is sick of the topic by now. 400hp is just one more shot of AD which is why they aren’t used in TH12/13. It doesn’t take a genius to find out why certain troops and used and some are not.

Giant’s growth is now somewhat good because SC rebalanced them in the TH13 update, and of course TH13 got nothing from the buff because they only changed TH11/12 stats. I cannot understand why SC keeps doing such balance changes, the 2nd/3rd TH levels can have ok balance but the highest TH is always the weakest. The gap has grown too small now and TH11 are 2 starring maxed TH13 like we’re nothing.

Unfortunately for giants, pekkas are too oppressive and it makes giants fairly redundant with their low speed and dps. I might try out gibarch for TH12/13 afterwards for farming.

Nothing much here.

3 days before my next available builder and it will only take me 6-7 raids to completely fill out my storages. That can easily be done in one casual evening. As you noticed, this picture was during CWL season so I can fill up my treasury loot with CWL. I need to do that for the amount of upgrades I have in 3-4 days time. I’m trying to spread out my builder load because its not good to have so many builders completing upgrades at the same time.

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