Apologies for the late post, this took me a lot of time and I’m working double-triple time in this current Covid pandemic.

Our clan was promoted to M3 the last season after doing well in C1. Our rushed accounts allowed us to crush C1 easily so now we are in the real big boy leagues now. In M3 our clans was outmatched in almost every single war, but we did not complain unlike most people in reddit. We fully understood the system and understand that base strength is more important than skill.

Yet somehow our clan was able to get 2nd place with only 8 TH13 going against most clans with 12-15 TH13. We even had a lone TH11 at the bottom of the map going against TH12/13 enemies. How did we manage to get 2nd place? While maxers in reddit will complain and say CWL is unfair, we abused every single broken game system that I have complained about for the past year.

The fact is, 3 starring a TH12 is harder than 2 starring a maxed TH13 so most of our enemies cannot even 3 star our TH12 because of broken game balance. Furthermore, we abused the broken queen walk to allow our lowest bases to 2 star strong TH13 with relative ease and that allowed our top bases to 3 star lower TH13 and clinch important victories.

War #1:

First war is not very good because we have not applied our strategy yet. While they only 1 starred my ring bases, a lot of our lower bases got 3 starred and they were able to get 33 stars. I was not able to capitalise on them 1 starring me, I only managed 2 stars on the top bases so

War #2:

Here you can see one of my attacks and one of my clan mate’s attacks. For me, I planned out an attack, tried my best and didn’t manage to score the 3 stars. Then you can see how easily it is for an extremely rushed TH12 to crush a TH13 like its nothing. It was a solid 2 stars and the exact same result as my attack. It didn’t matter that he only did 64% and I did 90%, the game rates the both as the exact same. This is why I keep saying that balance is broken.

War #3:

This war was a freebie, most likely a clan who wishes to drop back to crystal or cycling between two clans. Only their #1 was tough but I managed to 3 star it. They have the exact same base as my attack on #6 which I 3 starred using the same method.

War #4:

War #4 we lost because most of our enemies use this stupid dreaded 4 island base which is really hard to crack. I seriously hate this base with all my guts and have no found an easy way to defeat it. Of course when I’m lucky or if the base is badly copied then I can 3 star it but that is the exception rather than the norm.

First attack was a lucky yeti smash on this base. I was really lucky with 2 of my yetis which went for the single inferno at 12o’clock. Along with multi infernos throughout, that allowed my yeti army to swarm and destroy the base. Even then, I was quite lucky in the end with enough clean-up troops to secure the 3 star.

The second attack is our TH11 clanmate who easily 2 starred the enemy #1. My clanmate basically swagged 5 electros, which were hampered by air sweeper and cc witches but that proved futile. His northside electro, BK and queen walk easily got 40-50% and yeti blimp easily took out the giga inferno like it was nothing. This is why something needs to be done with cc yeti blimp which renders most bases futile. Even a TH11 can easily 2 star maxed TH13, makes progress really unrewarding.

Yet again, QW and cc yeti blimp easily destroys the enemy in the 3rd attack. This base didn’t even have exposed TH, a centrally located TH does not protect you from an easy 2 star from a lower level. With everything growing at less than 20% per TH level, even TH11 is not half as weak as a TH13. If a TH13 is expected to use 100% of their troops to 3 star another TH13, then a TH11 can easily use 100% of their troops to get 50% on a maxed TH13 base.

War #5:

The first attack shows someone with an exposed TH and our TH11 using lvl1 electro dragon to easily 2 star them. Seriously, a lvl1 electro is 80% as strong as lvl4 maxed so it is as if he is bringing 5 maxed electros into battle. No wonder he just 2 stars the base with punitive ease. As a rusher, this is how you should conduct in your clan, be the weak rushed TH11/12 and 2 star maxed TH13s. This should allow your top bases to hit down and more easily win wars.

The second attack is just a random spam of mass electro and see how easily it is to get 2 stars. This is why I use ring bases to prevent such stupid stuff. Of course when you are rushed, you should use anti-3 star bases because people can actually fail to 3 star you. But once your defenses are slightly mature, you should do your best to prevent this sort of bs happening to you.

The third hit is my attack. Since most of my clan hit up, I was able to hit down and easily 3 star a much weaker enemy. The enemy’s base was also an anti-2 star base which would be hard for my lower clan mates to 2 star. However, getting 3 stars on this base is no trouble for me at all.

War #6:

My hit against their #2 wasn’t very impressive but at least I got the 3 star. See how even a rushed TH13 with TH11/12 defenses requires a maxed TH13 a full war army with maxed heroes to take down. This is why rushing works, you really aren’t much weaker by rushing and having 2 scattershots are way more scary than trying to max out every single cannon/AT in TH11/12.

Then my follow hit in war #7 was a 96% 2 star which means it is no better than the previous attacks you guys have seen my clan mates do. This is the aggravating thing, a 2 star is a 2 star and your percentage doesn’t matter at all. Even though we still won, it is so annoying that the game doesn’t try to differentiate between a 51% and 96% two star.

Ideal game balance for me is that 3 starring a lower TH level is easier than 2 starring a similar TH level and 2 starring a higher TH level is easier than 3 starring your own TH level. However given how SC wants to balance the game (see March update balancing), I highly doubt this would ever be achieved. Currently, 2 starring someone who is 2 levels higher is probably easier than 3 starring your own mirror which is pretty sad.

War #7:

In this final war, it was quite special. The enemy had almost a similar make-up as us, they had a few TH11 down in the bottom and only 7-8 TH13. We managed to clinch the victory although it wouldn’t change the outcome at all, we would still be at 2nd place. 2 stars across the board so my attacks are nothing impressive.

Even though my blood boils with such horrendous balancing, it does not stop me from fully abusing the system in order for our clan to win. This is the difference between me and most casual maxers found in reddit. Complaining about something broken in game is fine, but real play-to-win players like me will abuse everything that is broken in order to win the game. In contrast, most scrubs will complain and refuse to win to game because of their “moral integrity” whatever that means. This is why they will never improve.


  1. Against island bases use any army containing bat spells. Dragbat, pekka bobat, etc. They are one of the easier th13 bases to crack, just need ample practice against them.

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