Had to take a pic to show my medal gain with multiple destroyed buildings. 384 medals mean 3 more hammers to skip around 36 days of upgrades after gold pass discount, which is 6 days off my total time required to max.

1000 gems after clearing 2000 artilleries, good reward.

Using a hammer with my hard-earned hammer. Too bad the upgrade is nowhere near worth the effort required, but oh well.

This base is two months away from maxing, but the new update is going to add another 40 days of upgrade time. With some books and hammers, it may only add 3 weeks of upgrades. Hopefully the new update drops soon so that I can start upgrading my collectors and walls.

This is the short list of upgrades I have remaining. Mortars and a single bomb still have two upgrades but everything else is just one upgrade remaining to max. I’ll need to prepare 300mil for walls in the next update, hopefully I can finish those in one month.

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  1. Hey mate, I recently saw ya guides and am planning do it on my rushed account. Could ya give me some advice to progress asap besides heroes. Here is my tag #2VUCGQGJ0.


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