I’m using electro dragons here because of the electro event but the training time really affects the effectiveness of this farming army. Right after I did the 12 raids necessary for the event, I immediately switched back to QW hybrid. If you love boosting, then these events are great for farming. I don’t like boosting so being able to squeeze in an extra attack or two before I start work is quite important for overall loot gain.

Started a wizard tower this day. This is something that I have forgotten, its an upgrade that I need to upgrade twice. However, I don’t intend to normally upgrade the final level, instead I will definitely use books or hammers to instantly complete WT because it is one of the most expensive upgrades in TH13.

This is the current state of my troops and spells. Still lots of lvl1 troops but that’s ok because those are pretty weak anyway. I intend to max out barbs and possibly goblins asap in the next update and slowly work my way to maxed valks.

Instantly maxed out giants. It may seem like giants grow quite a bit at lvl9 but it wasn’t originally that way. Giants used to have only 1400 hp in lvl9 but SC buffed them when they released TH13. So now TH12 giants have appropriate stats while TH13 can keep waiting for better giants. Super giants will also be maxed at TH12 so this will probably make it even easier for TH12 to 2 star maxed TH13. How exciting.

Upgraded haste spell here so that I can use it for yeti smash. Haste is used for the loons you use in your stone slammer, not the main army itself. While I can get my main to cook it and donate, I rather have it prepared myself so that I can be a little more flexible.

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