Hammered a cannon here because it is my most expensive upgrade remaining.

Used a book here for another cannon to skip 12 days. Each magic item used skips a total of 2 days which is pretty good. I am about 2 months away from maxing TH13 completely and the update will increase it by about 40 days. I just need to max my walls within 40 days for main account and 2 months for this account. That should be quite easy.

Upgraded an archer tower normally since it doesn’t take much time at all. At least I get +3 damage per shot after this 10 day upgrade.

Now I have no gold and I will need to farm back up. Hopefully I can find a decent base in 27 nexts (I did)

I have 2 days to farm back up to 18mil gold which is quite easy. The only problem with my builder planning currently is that I have 3 builders completing in quick succession (3d3h, 3d12h, 4d18h) but otherwise everything else is quite well spaced out. I am doing mostly cheap upgrades now because I’m almost done with all TH13 upgrades so the 18mil storage cap really helps me farm enough for 2 upgrades.

Storage capacity has been one of the biggest gripes I have with this game. If storages could fill up to 25mil, it would greatly help with resource and builder management

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