Not much progress here, just started a new upgrade.

Another penultimate level of mortars being upgraded. SC will add another level on top of this upgrade but that will only happen in another few days of this picture.

This was my short to-do list of upgrades remaining before the update. I’m not too concerned with the update though, it will only add 40 days for me. I will still be able to max out my account comfortably within 2 years. People downvote me for saying that high level content should not be accessed by lower levels. The fact is, if you spend 2-3 years playing and have not reached a high level, you’re probably playing the game wrong.

300 gems for destorying 400 scattershots. The next achievement is a crazy 4000 scattershots for 1000 gems. The rewards here explain why most of the growth in this game is so bad. 10 times the effort for less than 4 times the reward. Heck, most upgrades aren’t even as efficient!

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