Used the hammer for another WT upgrade. Scattershots, infernos and WT are the most expensive upgrade of TH13 so it is a good idea to use hammers for their final levels. For new, rushed TH13s it is a good idea to save your medals for these expensive upgrades instead of wasting them on cheaper upgrades.

Base here looks the same, nothing much can be quickly upgraded until the update arrives. This picture was taken 3 days before the eventual update.

Managing all my upgrades in preparation of the update. Upgrading the WT probably wasn’t a good idea but it will allow me to use a hammer for its final level later on. Some people actually keep builders idle in preparation for the update which is generally a bad idea unless the update has some really powerful things. Keeping your builders busy as usual is good 95% of the time

Some idiots even insist on staying as a maxed TH11/12 for the update because they don’t want to be “rushed” when the update drops. I cannot fathom the logic so I have no explanation for that.

Another level of haste is being upgraded. After this, I can use my book of spells from season pass to skip the final level. That’s how I generally maximise my magic items, saving it only for the final level or the longest upgrade I have available. Doing so allows me to skip the most time and max out in the shortest amount of time.

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