The first new thing I upgraded in this update. 50k DE is nothing to me so I don’t understand the complaints people bring up. Super barbs make it so much easier to get the 1 star without QW so he’s quite worth it. I would say keep them active as much as possible for your TH11-13 journeys. With overflowing DE in TH11/12, its quite easy to recommend them. For TH13, you still need them for your 1 stars and league bonus so I think they are worthwhile and will pay for themselves.

Using the newly buffed research potion. Finally SC has made a sensible move here. In the past when people suggested research potion, I would always say that SC will introduce it as a 9 hour skip which is entirely worthless, and I was right. When it was announced, everyone said that it was useless. Now that it has been buffed by 2.4x, it is not as useless though still worse than books. It costs more gems to buy now and still costs 20 league medals. 6 days of upgrades in research potion vs 14-18 with hammers, you still don’t want to ever buy it but at least the free ones are now useful.

Skipped 3 days of upgrades so that I can upgrade barbs to lvl9 earlier. As usual, barbs lvl9 is mostly a cosmetic change with ~10% growth. At least it isn’t a small 15hp upgrade in the past, but I still think it should’ve gotten at least a 20% upgrade. I cannot feel the difference between lvl8 and lvl9 at all.

Collected my clan game rewards so that I can use the builder potions provided here. I chose the gold rune as my final reward but collected it a few days later. I have no need for the gold rune currently as I still have a few from my storage.

Boosted builders by 2 hours so that I have a free builder and can use him to upgrade some walls.

Spammed quite a few runes, all my wall rings and took out my season pass resources to upgrade many walls. At this rate, my walls will be maxed before my super barbs expire!

Day 1, 22 walls completed. This is seriously way too easy, you can complete 20 walls + 8 more with season pass if you are a stacked TH13. With a few more runes, you only need to farm around 12 walls. SC should’ve released 100 walls so that players like me have more to chew on.

Stupid new phone taking bad screenshots, oh well. Look, the waterfall! I never actually had the chance to see the waterfall in the past because it was removed before I started playing in 2014. The re-textured look is quite good and I hope SC adds more of these real decoration to make the base prettier.

Started my collector grind so that I can stop other TH13 from easily 3 starring me. Its quite sad that archers only gain 3 damage per shot and mortars only gain 15 damage per shot making all TH13 upgrades quite useless for this update. TH13 didn’t even get any army camp levels and even if we do, it will be a mere 20 spaces again which is stupid. SC should’ve released the 5th army camp and barracks by now so that TH13 can finally gain a good jump in strength.


  1. As a new TH12 Super barbs are insanely OP for farming. Cost under 70k for a full army of lvl 8s. Only have 2 days left of the boost and then the week cooldown. I am thinking a combo of super goblins and regular barch might be an alright army to use in between? I might experiment. Have to get goblins to level 7 first!


    • I don’t think super gobs are that good, not much better than regular gobs. For farming, super wb are pretty pointless as well since they take up too much space. Super giants though are pretty good


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