Super barb stat changes improvements:

  • Dps 180 -> 200 (11%)
  • HP 1000 -> 1100 (10%)

I had super barbs before I made this upgrade so I can only comment on super barbs. I actually couldn’t feel the difference between lvl8 and lvl9 super barbs between both my accounts. This is why 10% boosts are generally worthless, I find in my experience that you need a boost of at least 30% to feel it in raids and that sort of boost are few and far between. A clanmate told me the other day how good lvl8 barbs were and yes, they grow by almost 50% which is a crazy good improvement. If all troops grew like that, we wouldn’t have this problem of stagnant growth.

Of course I spent a book to instantly complete it and couldn’t feel the difference in the upgrade. Quite disappointed.

Instantly completed the poison spells because it is the longest upgrade I can use book of spell for. Hopefully its more useful than other upgrades but I’m not holding out on that.

Now the last thing I’m upgrading are valks. They’re still not meta right now but hopefully they can find some use someday. By the way, look at the stats of lvl1 and the potential. The greatest growth for valks is its cost. Just like all troops, costs are the only thing that grows exponentially whereas everything else grows linearly.

Picture of my base taken on the next day. This account is doing walls much faster because my builders are spread out and I can work on 3-6 walls every time a builder comes free. I had around 24-28 walls done at this point of time.

Focusing on collectors first because they actually grow the most in this update. They would also help me towards the end of my grind when I still have defenses/traps remaining. Checking my tracker, I need another 2.5-3 months to max out completely. This would put my date of maxing TH13 completely in mid-end May which means this account would be maxed out in just 20 months of play! Amazing actually.

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