Got the 25/25mil which allows me to upgrade another 8-10 walls. I need to buy the season pass first though…

I’m quite fortunate that my job is even more in demand during this time of need and I’m actually getting 1.5x base pay and usually 2-3x pay with overtime. I know that most people aren’t as fortunate and if you have bills to pay and currently jobless, don’t buy this season pass. Your rent and bills are way more important than this game. Even I am risking my life and health during this crisis, but I must do what must be done.

At least my base seems prettier now with better walls. I wish the base layout option had a way to rearrange our walls so that I can make my base look better rather than strange wall segments all over the place. Just shows how pointless wall upgrades really are.

Another elixir collector started, I still need some time to finish all 7 then I will work on gold mines followed by DE drills. In future, we can look forward to 1.05mil collector raids which would be awesome. By May or June, I might even change my suggestion for people to rush to TH13 earlier since loot would definitely be much better.

Defenses are good now because people cannot deal with island bases like mine in lower leagues. Might need rushers to try out my base and tell me how good it actually is when you have weaker defenses.

Loot is quite easy and good right now despite having new walls to grind. Super barbs allow me to farm 500-600k storage bases with good results and good margins. My army costs way less than mass miners and I think it is more powerful as well. SC does seem to hate archers though, they are palpably weak in my army and I might even change to only 50-60 archers with more super barbs. Often, I will finish a raid with 10 super barbs running around but no archers at all. I am apprehensive to ask SC for lvl9 archers though, because SC would just add 2 dps and 4 hp but increase their cost by 200 elixir each.


  1. Hey dusk! Just wanted to let you know you made me not quit this game while maxing TH8 (encouraged by my ex-stupid clanmates, i have since showed them that strategic rushing is great) you made me have fun again with this game so for that i’ll forever call you a god of CoC. I’m currently a new TH10 and holy s&*t the loot here is great LOL. Again, thank you for your service for the clash community.


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