Less than 4 days after the update and I’ve maxed walls again. It was actually far easier than it seems especially for someone who has stockpiled all the magic items prior. I did 22 walls on day one with all my runes, wall rings, storage, treasury and season pass loot. I then farmed a little over the past few days and followed by 8-10 free walls from season bank. I think I probably only farmed 60-100mil in these past 4 days which isn’t very amazing at all.

Loot is also really easy with the amount of dead bases I can find, along with the power of super barbs which means I don’t need to rely on dead bases. A full army only costs 150k elixir without spells and max 300k with spells which is far cheaper than miners without spells.

Nothing much here, putting defenses on the back burner for two weeks so that I can max out collectors.

Skipped the 3 hour plus wait time here so that I can sleep tonight

Maxed out haste spell using the free book of spells from this April season pass.

Upgrading valks, will need another 5 weeks to max her out, that’s including skipping her final level using a book. At TH10, valks gain 200 hp which is why they are usable at that level, but afterwards she gains only 100hp per level which is why the performance drops off so drastically. This is what happens when SC doesn’t have any idea how to balance stuff.

I’ve completed one of my elixir collectors and now have 5 upgrading. I will start upgrading gold mines afterwards and will max that out in another week. I used these cheap upgrades to keep my builders working while I can focus on walls which is how you can max your walls quickly as well. With good farming habits, you can easily farm 8-12mil per day. You then spend 500k-2mil on a cheap low level upgrade and spend the rest into walls. This is how I was able to consistently max walls so early in every single TH level. Now that wall prices are even cheaper, you should be able to max out your walls quite easily in TH11 before you get lvl50 AQ or lvl20 warden.


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