Bomb towers gain 12.5% in their stats, probably not going to make much difference in the end. With super barbs now, they aren’t really game-breaking for the barch playstyle. At least now they do much better after the recent buff to them in Feb.

Hammered my first bomb tower and used a book to skip the second one. Hope my base can defend better with two newly maxed bomb towers. Unlikely though.

Nothing much changed except for my more beautiful bomb towers. No wonder SC keeps trying to change the looks of defenses and try to make lower level ones more ugly, because the only point of defenses is to beautify your base. I have a few cannons along with all my archer towers and mortars before I am maxed. 2 levels of mortar to go.

Starting my first gold mine. All of them will be started in another 4.5 days and then I will work on drills afterwards.

Attack log:

Loot is really amazing right now. I’m in champs and I’m attacking for no less than 450k and it becomes 650k with bonus. My average loot is 700k + full champs 3 bonus which is insane. That allows me to farm 18mil gold within a day casually. I’m expecting boring days ahead with full storages soon.

Btw, I’ve started recording some videos for my barch guide. Right now I’m recording the super barch part but can start on regular barch in 2 days’ time.

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