After finishing my one week stint of super barbs, I’m now forced to use a different super troop and I chose super wb for war usage.

Their stats aren’t too bad, but their 8(!!) troop space really hinders their usage. My barch feels overall weaker with super WB wasting more space than they need. I usually only use 8 regular wb but even 4 super wb takes twice as much space and cannot break as many sections. Its good that they ensure a good wall-break but for farming, I waste more space breaking lvl8-11 walls than just using regular wb. Overall, I think super wb are a decent alternative for war, but far weaker for farming. Do not use. At the very least, I think that you should be able to switch between super and regular troops instead of being fixed to just one.

The release of super troops confirmed what I felt during their pre-update notes. They are way too weak to be considered “super”, they should just be alternate upgrades to certain troops to allow them have different roles than to be considered a true “upgrade”. They are too weak because they can be donated to low levels and are available at far too low level (TH11). I had a similar idea to super troops which would make end game TH13 gameplay far more engaging and fun, it would also allow troops or defenses to be more “super” than the crap we have here. That will be detailed in a separate post.

Skipped a long 13 day upgrade using a book. Each free book can cut the time it takes for me to max out by more than 2 days. This is why I am confident that I can max out in about 1.5 months (my tracker concurs as well).

This upgrade to collectors is a good one, it increases the maximum cap by a significant amount and the loot/hour by 14%. If only most upgrades can be increased by this much, we wouldn’t have such a balancing nightmare at TH13. With this new level, you can potentially get 1.05mil from collectors if they are full. Even an unattended TH13 can generate 5.6*7*12*0.5 = 250k overnight. This would ensure more frequent and bountiful dead bases in around 4-6 months time.

I’ve rearranged my walls manually and painstakingly such that my maxed walls are in the middle of the base while lower level ones are in the outer ring. Does it make be defend better? I highly doubt so, but at least it looks much prettier. The only minor change now is to use weaker walls for my island and put my maxed walls in the center ring.

Effectively grinding only collectors right now. If SC had given us 100 walls, I would probably appreciate having collectors to grind so that I can max out my walls while grinding collectors. With only 50 walls, I was able to complete my walls within 4 days and now I’m waiting for my collectors with nothing to do. I hope that means TH13 will have much more content compared to previous TH levels but I doubt it. It would probably be a huge slap to the face to grinders like me when SC releases the last 150 walls in one single go while I wasted hundreds of millions of loot waiting for new walls to upgrade. Again, my super troop rework would probably fix that and allow grinders like me to gain an upper hand in the end game.

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