Spent 100 gems here to get the 15% builder boost early, this would apply the additional discount to 3 upgrades which would reduce my builder time by a total of 18 hours. This is better than directly gemming the 18 hours but of course loses out to books. Still, I thought it was decent value.

Used a BoE to skip the long waiting time for my final wizard tower. Now, all of my WT are maxed out. I doubt it will really impact much though. I then upgraded a gold mine using the same builder.

Used another book here to skip the upgrade time of goblins. Its not optimal since its only a 10 day skip, but I want to use super gobs next week so better have them leveled. Goblins get 20-25% growth which seems good, until you remember that its a 2 TH-level upgrade. Lvl7 was available for TH10 and lvl8 is for TH12. If anything, it should grow about 50% to keep up.

At TH9, valks gain a hefty 25% increase in cost but such a tiny increase in hp and dps. Truthfully, they were nerfed for TH9 because they were too strong when initially buffed. This explains why TH10 valks are so much stronger than TH9, because TH10 was not nerfed.

I only have a few defenses to max out before my base is finally pretty.

5 gold mines upgrading so I’ll hardly get any passive gold income the next few days. Its fine though, I can farm a lot. After they’re maxed, I can just rely on them a little more and have more time to work my job.

This is my entire list of upgrades remaining which is really short now. I still have a low level bomb and mortars which require 2 levels, otherwise everything else is one level to maxed. I’m currently 2 months away from maxing my base and hopefully can cut it down with a couple of books and hammers.


  1. thanks for keeping us up with your journey?

    I was about to go from 12 to 13, but now I may wait to max collectors and a few more troops. Do you have an updated checklist for pre th13?


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