Gotten enough stars this season to get the 250 stars achievement. Took the 250 gems and moved on

Triple threat isn’t too bad for a pack, its $3.33 (USD) per book which will allow you to upgrade one troop, one spell and one hero level. Potion locomotion isn’t too bad, but 2 days of research potions for $1 cannot compare at all to 14-18 days with book of fighting.

Somehow got 2nd place again which I couldn’t believe. We were #3-5 throughout the entire season until the last war which we faced the #8 clan.

4 wins only with 36 stars in the final war which propelled us to 2nd place. Most enemies only scored 30 stars in each war because it is quite hard to 3 star these days. We had 9 TH13 this CWL which made life a little easier throughout. The great thing about being a TH13 is that you can be rushed but still be absurdly strong with just 2 maxed scattershots.

Won 304 medals with 80 bonus medals for my work. Quite good overall and it will allow me to buy 3 hammers this month.

Nothing much here in my base as I continue grinding my collectors. With maxed walls, upgrading collectors is quite boring. Once collectors are done, I will continue grinding defenses with mortars being a priority because they have 2 levels to go. Maxers always say “do them now otherwise you will need to grind 2 levels later”, which just shows that they have zero brain and are not thinking at all. I cut short my lower level grind and put them in the higher TH level, this is done so that I can prioritize other things before those “2 levels” catch up to me. I do not lose any time by neglecting some stuff and upgrading them later, the same upgrades will cost the exact same regardless of TH level.

Using the education as an example (though you cannot really do this in real life):

Let’s say I have 9 subjects to study in high school (year 10-12), but I only need 5 of them (biology, chemistry, physics, maths, calculus) to enter pre-med and the other 4 are just filler (english, history, geography, french). Instead of being a casual student who works on all 9 subjects for 3 years, I work really hard on just the 5 important subjects and gain entry into pre-med earlier than my cohorts. Then I might “catch up” with the filler subjects during my pre-med which means that I took 4 years to complete it instead of 3. But if you do the math, I’m still 2 years ahead of the casual student who did 3 years + 3 years to reach the same stage.

This is what I actually done in my own circumstance. I am one of the youngest doctors in my graduation cohort because I managed to skip 4 years from year 1-12. I was not considered a “top student” because I focused my efforts only on the most important subjects, with >90 on sciences and maths but passing grade on everything else. However, just like Clash, it doesn’t matter if you are a good, average or excellent student before med school. When you are in med school, you start back at zero and all you’ve got is your attitude. Since I was working doubly hard from young, I was able to excel in med school and easily gotten the top 5% despite being 4 years younger than everyone else. Due to my laser focus in the important subjects really early on, I excelled in my pre-med exam (its equivalent to GCE-A levels in the UK and does not consist of any filler subjects) with >95% score. Whereas my cohort who got ~75-80% in their normal exams only got the same grade in their pre-med exams.

Furthermore because med school has to be 5 years just like everyone else, I actually found med school to be more relaxing than the years before that. I actually had time to start playing Clash.

Started some mortar upgrades but notice the 6 day gap between the DE drill and my first mortar. I will upgrade some gold mines and DE drills so fill that 6 day gap. This is how I work around my builders to ensure that I have something to upgrade every few days. This is particularly useful for wall upgrades because the most important factor I noticed in terms of upgrading walls is the availability of builders.


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