Used some gems to skip 3 hours of waiting time. Just spending it now so that I don’t need to wake up at 12midnight to start a new upgrade or waste 5 hours of builder time. It isn’t the best use of gems to be honest but I didn’t want to use my limited builder potions. Buying builder potions from the trader is actually considered “worth it” though it pales in comparison to books. 285 gems split among 6 builders is 48 gems per builder. 48 gems equate to only 4 hours per builder whereas builder potions can skip 9 hours. It still loses to books but at least it is a better option than direct gemming upgrades like me.

While my plan to upgrade gold mines and DE drills for the next 3 days was sound, it meant that I had no way to spend my gold unless I wanted to throw my plan off. And after reviewing my timeline in, I could not easily move the gold mines to a later date so I just opted to have nothing to farm for for the next few days.

Expect no new pictures for the next few days as I slowly wait out the gold mine and DE drill upgrades.

This was the army I used for the wizard event. Having so many wizards is not very good for my attacks since barbs cannot tank properly for wizards and I can cannot really surround the base with less barch. After the 10 raids, I switched back to my standard barch army.


  1. Hey! I’m th 9 right now and what do you think the best farming league is? I’m focusing on upgrading my barbarians and archers to th 9 lvl soon.


  2. In th 10, do you recommend dropping trophies with barch for loot and climbing back up with miners? I can’t get even a 1 Star with barch unless if I use my heroes and cc (might just be a incompetent attacker tbh). I’m still a th 9 though that’s going to 10 in a couple more days.


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