Another level of valks and the greatest increase is yet again the cost. This level of valk gained 200 hp because lvl4 was nerfed by 100 hp, not because it broke the trend or anything. Given the poor dps increase (TH10 valks have 67% the dps of TH13), it is no wonder valks cannot keep up with TH13 strength. Most people design their bases to counter electro dragons, this means valks which smaller AoE will have even more trouble dealing with spaced out bases. No wonder they have zero use despite being given a new level, not the mention that the new level barely gave any stats.

Starting work on my 3 mortars now. I plan to book/hammer all 4 mortars at their final level. Currently they are only going to lvl12 which is TH12 max. With all these new levels to mortars, I think they need to improve archers significantly. I can feel that my barch army lacks dps and that my archers take too many hits to take buildings down while being easily one shot by bomb towers and mortars.

Archers should grow like this:

ArchersLevelOld DPSNew DPSOld HPNew HP
TH12Lvl9 (new)4488
Almost +33% growth per level which should be the standard for all upgrades honestly

See how bad the growth was previously. Archers gained +4 hp and +3 dps from TH8 onwards, no wonder they are lacking in strength. TH10 isn’t too bad so they don’t gain anything, but TH11 and TH12 should gain a significant boost so that they remain strong. The massive increase in hp will not help them against any point defenses or mortars at all, but will allow them to tank one hit from bomb towers which will be extremely helpful. Also, TH13 bomb towers only deal 79 dmg, I would like to increase that to at least 90 so that they can one-shot TH12 archers.

Attack log:

4 ice golems used for event purposes

Overall, I don’t quite like super gobs. They play too similarly with regular gobs and I frequently need jump spells or siege machines to get the 1 star. Here, I was using QW to get the star but relying on her to destroy 50-60% of the base without support is really hard, she frequently dies to QW traps or just requires too many rage spells to babysit. The loot amount here looks pretty but I could’ve easily done the same or more with barch.

Eventually I went back to bowitch as it was more reliable for loot and AQ doesn’t die every single raid.


  1. Hello Sin,

    I am wondering when to move to thirteen. Currently, I have around a 70/30 split white to blue walls, level 60 AQ and level 33 warden. Barch, WB electro dragons and Bowitch are maxed, as well as all the offensive buildings. Is this a good stage to move up at?

    Thank you for your commitment to helping other players as well.


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