I only need to farm gold right now, so using a bowitch army makes sense so that I can get 1.5-2mil gold per login without caring about elixir and DE. If I need to farm at least 2 resources, then I’ll go back to barch.

Started an air bomb here to fill in the 4 day gap between two mortars. This sort of builder management is quite important for wall upgrading. In fact, I would prioritise having one builder free per day than important offense/resource upgrades because most upgrades aren’t very impactful anyway. This is why my guides end after you max all offense and resource buildings.

The question “which defenses should I upgrade first?” is quite common and its so tiring to answer, because you can just roll a dice or use random.org to decide which to upgrade. It really doesn’t matter in which order you do your defense upgrades. Just make sure you have one builder coming free every day so that you can keep upgrading walls and keep 1-4 heroes upgrading at all times.

Defense log:

Lost on average 1.7/1.7mil and almost 15k DE over two days despite having much stronger defenses than in the past. Of course I could manage my shield better and only lose 1mil, but honestly I am not protecting much more loot compared to being rushed. These losses are also quite insignificant in the grand scheme of things given that I can earn way more loot by rushing to higher TH levels earlier.


  1. What barch composition do you recommend using? I normally use half barbs and half archers in th 10. Also is the loot good in th 13 compared to th 12 and 11?


  2. What item do you think has the best value in the league shop? I don’t know what to use my league medals on but everyone is saying different items.


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