Time for the long-awaited guide on how to use barch. This is probably one of the commonest questions I get, how I use barch to ensure I maximise loot and to maintain my league. With barch, it is not hard to farm 2mil/2mil per hour (up to 3/3mil with some luck) without boosting and easily hitting 6-8mil with boosts. The ability to attack twice per login significantly boosts its farming capacity compared to most other armies which require heroes or cc to be strong. The myth floating around is that you need a lot of spare time to make barch work, which is blatantly false. Due to the nature of my job, I can only open the game 3-4 times a day and with that I can easily do 6-8 raids to keep all my builders busy. I don’t really have time to open the game and boost for hours on end, rather I just open the game, raid twice and close the game.

Here are the advantages of using barch:

  • Extremely cheap
  • Easy to get one stars
  • Extremely fast training time
  • Able to farm all 3 resources at the same time
  • Does not require heroes
  • Option to 2-3 star enemy bases

I have used and tried other armies but they do not have such versatility or cost or training time. Barch just fits perfectly into the Venn diagram and probably the only thing that beats it is super barch or QW barch (go figure). I recommend barch to anyone in TH7-12 so that you can focus on your AQ and warden upgrades early on. You should have a decently leveled queen (>lvl50) by TH13 and you can graduate to QW barch to gain massive loot in TH13.

Most “war armies” like bowitch, pekkas, electros etc are actually really weak when used against dead bases with collectors all over the base. You would likely need to go through the entire base and use your full army + spells just to take down a “weak” dead base. In that case, its as good as losing 300-500k elixir as you could’ve gotten the same loot with just a 100k barch army. This includes miners, not to mention their horrendous cost. While there is an argument of using lvl1 miners in TH10 for farming, they quickly become too weak in TH11 or too expensive if you upgrade them. Goblins fall into the problem of not getting the one star easily. Unless you’re using unoptimised goblin knife strats, goblins are not getting the 1 star. If you do use goblin knife, it is too expensive and takes too long to train to justify using, might as well use miners by then. Super goblins fall into the exact same problem.

The basics of barch is the army composition. I like to bring 4 minions and 8 wb in my barch so that I can snipe some buildings and the wb allows me to take collectors from within the first layer of the base. The remainder of the army will be about 45-50% barbs and 50-55% archers. I bring slightly more archers because I use quite a few of them to snipe buildings before starting the raid and they can shoot over walls in the middle/end part of the base. If you are using super barbs, read the super barb section below. A lot of people fail to get the one star because they fail to bring the right army, you can easily get an extra 3-5% with well placed minions and extra 3-10% with wb. They are well worth the army camp space and slightly longer army training time. You also do not need to use wb in every single raid which significantly cuts down the training time of your army if you do not use them.

In terms of spells, lightning spells can easily help you get the 50% by sniping hero altars or builder huts. Furthermore, you can just zap DE drills for an easy 4-6k DE by trading 150-200k elixir. For me, I bring heals and rage to destroy bases with good loot (examples below). If you have warden and other heroes, barch can actually take down strong bases for some easy loot. I personally would not hit a base like that unless it has >700k loot.

You should also temper your expectations when you want to aim for the 50%. Some bases are simply not viable for the one star and if you can get 400-600k, taking the loss isn’t a problem at all. Without heroes, spells and cc, lvl8 barch can take out TH10-11 defenses for the one star if the base design allows. If you have heroes and siege machines, you should be to able to hit much harder can get the 50% far more easily.

Sometimes you can bring extra event troops in your raids, but you need to be aware of the training time increase due to those extra non-barch troops.

The next most important thing is choosing the right base for your attack. You need to recognise which sort of bases are good for barch and which are not. You don’t want to waste a 20min army just to get 150-200k. A base which shows 700k might have 600k in storages and treasury and hitting the edges of the base will yield almost no loot. The most important step is to look at the collectors. If they’re lvl13-14 and half full, they can yield anywhere from 250-500k or so. I wouldn’t bother hitting half full lvl11 collectors because they generally won’t give too much. The best is to find full lvl13-14 collectors which will give 500-1mil easily.

Learn how to recognize collector levels from the wiki:


The next important step is to look at the storages, are they obviously full? This is quite hard to tell because storages can sometimes look empty but still have 400-500k within them. If a base has 700k and has full storages and half full collectors, that’s a skip for me because the storages would be 400-500k and the remainder will come from collectors, 200-300k is hardly worth my army. Some of my videos below will include me nexting and you can see that I skip some bases with half full collectors because I know where the loot was.

One thing most people fail to do is snipe buildings before you drop your main army. Sometimes, you can easily get 10-20% just by dropping a few archers all over the map. It takes practice to get it right and know the range of enemy defenses. Once you know the range of archers, you’ll be able to snipe buildings which will help you get the one star. Sometimes, you can clear the collectors of an entire side of the base which then allows you to skip that side entirely in your main army. If you do not have patience for this, you will fail far more frequently and will not be able to reap the full benefits of barch.

See how much archers can whittle down a base, the extra wb allowed barbs to hit much deeper into the base to achieve the 1 star without heroes. Notice how fast I drop my barch to overwhelm even mortars and WT
My mistake on this base is not bringing minions. Could’ve easily gotten 4-10% from just 4 small minions.

Now, the final lynchpin which unites the entire strategy allowing you to get consistent one stars is the 4-finger technique. This technique involves using 2 fingers from each edge of the base and tapping each finger alternatingly to drop your barch very quickly. Your phone needs to be on a flat, hard surface for this. Using your index and ring fingers of each hand, tap alternating rapidly. Start from the top or bottom side of the base, then go to the other. It is much harder to go from left to right (or vice versa) so I don’t recommend doing that until you get the hang of it. See the video examples to see how fast I can drop my barch troops to overwhelm even mortars and wizard towers at times. If you need practice, go to the super troop trial and practice your drops using super goblins.

You actually get better mileage with a device that has slower CPU and less responsiveness (to a degree) than high-end devices. Time slows down as your device gets slower and a phone which is less responsive doesn’t simply zoom in and out or scroll the notification bar when you spam tap the screen. It is also better with tablets than phones but I’ve been barching all my life with phones so that shouldn’t be much of an issue. Don’t even consider using a computer/bluestacks for barching unless you’ve got scripts or a good touch screen. I was using a new phone for my recordings and you can see the random zoom-in/out or opening the notification bar in my raids.

You can also crowd your 4 fingers on a single side of the base and drop barch extremely quickly to overwhelm and swarm defenses if need be. This is when having warden + siege really helps to punch through the entire base and easily get the 2-3 star.

Multiple video examples: (QW barch below these videos)

Though I had maxed heroes and full cc in all my raids, I refused to use them to simulate a TH10-12 with no heroes and unreliable cc. As you can see, I can get the one star fairly frequently and float around C1-M2. If you don’t have any heroes available, using lightning spells is the best way to get the extra % for the one star. If you get 1 star in C1, you earn 56/56k which pays for the spell and some more. Always calculate how much you’ll earn before using the spells, you must earn more than you spend to justify its cost. I would rate elixir more important than gold so don’t waste 70k elixir just to earn an extra 50-70k gold.

Really easy base given the weak defenses. See how wb helped barbs push deeper and clinched the one star. Super wb are actually bad for barch because dead bases generally don’t have strong walls to warrant 8 housing space per super wb. A regular wb will serve the exact same role for 2-4 housing space.
See how a couple of minions could’ve made this so much easier. Either way, I got the 1 star quite easily, the lvl70 king didn’t make much of the difference, a lvl20-30 BK would serve the exact same purpose. Sent warden and AQ towards the end to snipe some extra gold storage.
Crow’s like base I crushed very easily with barch. Crows is actually only strong against weak attackers. Against me, I can destroy it even with barch. 203k cost, >800k profit
The overall loot from this raid isn’t too good, but you can see how I got the 1 star by incorporating all the techniques described above in the guide
Quite sure I wasn’t able to get the 1 star from the outset, the aim was to get all the loot which was reasonable.
Heroes were completely unnecessary, just used them to get some extra % and storages
Lots of exposed buildings means an easy one star. If you use wallbreakers well, the enemy base will turn into an open base and you can get your star fairly easily. Helps that WT are deep inside the base.
The base just had a few too many buildings within walls, got the one star with BK and warden but honestly BK would be enough to get the star and 88/88k bonus.
This is why you need to know where is the loot. I made the mistake of hitting this base wrongly. The loot is mostly in the center of the base, and if I had used barch to core and go through the base, I would’ve gotten most of the loot.
To be fair, heroes carried most of this raid. See how ring bases are actually easily dismantled by barch. Got an easy 1mil/1mil from this raid. I would recommend not hitting this if you didn’t have at least a lvl40 warden with you.
You actually shouldn’t be hitting a base like this because of the low loot. Even though it is easy, the low elixir and DE should deter you. I had maxed walls and heroes so I had no use for elixir and DE.
It would be pretty hard to get 1 star from this raid. I used my heroes to bail myself out but if you don’t have heroes, just take the loss and move on, the loot is good enough. It would be a 700k/700k raid if you were a TH11/12

QW barch is fairly similar to barch. The main thing she does is automatically help you achieve the 50% and punch much deeper into the base. With just 25% of your army, you can easily get 30-50% destruction with QW alone and this leaves barch with probably just 2 sides of the base to attack which allows them to punch deeper as well.

With dead bases, QW doesn’t need to worry about infernos and usually she doesn’t die. If she does die, just use regular barch for the next raid, take the loss and wait for her to regen.

QW barch allows you as a TH13 to farm in champs and get the loot bonus each raid, easily getting 600-800k/raid and 2mil/2mil per hour. I do not recommend TH12 and below to use this strategy because you should be focusing all your efforts to upgrade her. This is why I recommend people grinding a little more in TH11 where barch is relatively stronger to get a higher leveled AQ in TH13 so that you can QW barch your way to max. With QW barch, you will rely on book of heroes to upgrade AQ. That means 3-4 upgrades per month with the gold pass and 1-2 without. This is still reasonably quick hero progress especially since you will be a TH13 within 6-8 months of starting the game.

Video examples including QW super barch:

Just see how QW makes barch so much stronger and easier to use.
Don’t do what I did in this raid, missing out 2 gold mines just like that. If I didn’t have BK or warden to take those down, that would be a straight 200k loss. Devastating.
This raid includes me nexting, skip to 1.28 for the raid. The entire session only took 4min from start to retraining my army. I skipped a few 700k gold base because the collectors didn’t look full, which meant 300-500k were in storages so it would be a bad raid overall. The final base I found had 900k and I felt that was worth using my full army for. If you didn’t have all heroes, I would just have taken all peripheral collectors/storages to get an easy 700k.
Easy >700k total loot including champs bonus for just 150k cost. This is why I don’t use goblins
Against semi-active bases like these, make sure your AQ has done a fairly decent job and walked some distance before dropping your barch because eagle is a pain. Also, I wall-broke inside to take out the air defense otherwise my QW would be screwed
Walked into the TH compartment because of the AD within, that allowed AQ to take out many buildings. With single infernos all over the base, I chose not to walk anywhere else.
Being in champs mean that even low loot raids like these are well rewarded.
Not pretty, but I got all the gold and that’s what matters for me. This raid was basically super queen. See how my sensitive screen caused me to zoom in while dropping barch quickly.

Full farming sessions:

Not a regular base you’d barch but I had 4 heroes and QW super barch cooked up. Even regular barch with lvl40 warden can roll over this base quite easily.
In this session, I paused twice. The first one at a 600+k base, while it was easy, it required full cc and spells so I deemed it not worth it. The second one was a 300k dead base which would definitely not be worth it. I found a 690/600k dead base within 10 nexts and crushed it easily

Super barch is the solution for TH12/13 who find it hard to maintain leagues. With lvl9 barbs being weak and archers still being low level, TH12/13 are using underpowered barch to hit stronger enemies. The answer to that is simply use super barch whenever you can. The 50k DE cost is not much compared to the amount you can easily farm using super barch.

With super barch, you can keep AQ upgrading as much as possible while still maintaining reasonably higher leagues than regular barch. This would allow you 6-8 AQ upgrades per month which will allow you to get lvl70 AQ fairly quickly, then you can switch back to QW (super) barch

Video examples:

See how easy it was to run through the entire base. 4 finger technique used to spam archers so quickly.
Another easy base I ran through. Might not have gotten 100% without heroes, but should be quite easy nonetheless.
Focused in getting the gold because I only needed gold to upgrade defenses with my maxed walls and heroes. Normally, I wouldn’t have hit this base.
The initial drop for funneling was done using the four finger technique as well, you can see how fast I drop my archers. This is why I keep saying Crow’s style bases are actually weak, because they fall quite easily to barch. With so many troops available, funneling becomes easy and barch can go through and destroy the entire base. The advantage of Crow’s is that weak players fail very easily against the base, but evidently it does not work against me.
This would’ve been far more difficult without BK. This raid exposes one of the problems with super barbs that is, you have far less troops to work with compared to regular barch. The strength makes up for it easily, but sometimes you need to think where to drop your troops.
Wallbreakers here actually wouldn’t help me get more loot, but would help with getting the 50%. See how I accidentally opened the notification screen because of the 4 finger technique, I’m now more used to my phone and it doesn’t happen anymore.
Example of a raid where even super barch cannot get 1 star

Hope you all learned something from this guide and this will help you farm much faster and separate yourself from the casual masses who have no idea how to farm.


  1. Hi Dusk, amazing Barch guide! I also wanted to take the chance to ask, I maxed out my TH8 before I left the game (since every single youtuber I watched told that it’s the best strategy to play). Since I came back to the game after a couple of years, and I was thinking about maxing my now TH9 as well, but I stumbled on your blog yesterday and the things you do are quite efficient, my question is that are the posts on TH9 still relevant and should I be participating in Clan Wars?


    • Yup, the TH9 guide is still relevant. Clan wars are not very profitable, I would suggest playing clan war leagues once a month and don’t join regular clan wars because you need to be upgrading heroes


  2. Hi dusk! Amazing barch guide! I’m trying out your strategy but I’m losing trophies quite quickly and probably won’t be able to stay in high gold, if you don’t mind, could you please make a handcam video to show how it’s done? Very appreciated regardless!


  3. When should I use super barch? My queen is level 70, but I’m in Master II just because I have a hard time finding loot in higher leagues. All my other heroes aren’t maxed, and I do not farm enough to upgrade them continuously.


    • Just spam tap your screen, 2 fingers on left bottom, 2 fingers on right bottom. Spam half your troops, then move to the top, 2 fingers from top left, 2 fingers from top right


  4. I’m a new th9 who is barching. I am having an issue with Barch and that is I don’t think I am doing it properly. I do the four finger placements and I snipe buildings with archers. I have 6 wb’s in army comp but my barns die too quickly in order for me to get in the base. I have th8 Barch. Once I have upgraded my Barch will I be able to attack better? I am having no problem with loot as I can get 400K+ of gold/elixir and 2K+ of DE. I only seem to get 30-low 40%’s. Am I hitting the wrong bases?


  5. What do you think about Sneaky Goblins (compared to Barch)? In your post, you say the goblins aren’t reliable at getting the one star, but I think the Sneaky Goblins can easily snipe the TH with the invisibility,


  6. Thank you for your excellent guides. I’ve been finding great success alternating super barch with the new zap to take out grouped splash, and sneaky goblins. i climb barb week and drop goblin week. can usually get like 5-6 goblin collector raids out of two cooked armies.


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