100 gems from donating 2000 spells, I’ll take it.

As my defenses are completing soon, the theme of defenses start to match the color scheme of walls. We need full lvl14 walls now so that defenses are more pretty. Growth is pretty bad anyway, so

What should TH13 get now? I would say a new level of army camps, each giving +10 camp space. To balance longer training times, TH13 will also get a new level to barracks with no new troop, but increases all training time by 15%. This would balance it out perfectly, +14% increase in camp space with concordant +15% faster training time. This would allow TH13 to be stronger as well.

Warden should also be rebalanced and reworked otherwise suggesting any balance would need to take him into account. Currently warden breaks balance because defenses are designed to account for him all the time, and troops become way too weak without warden. Even maxed TH13 is way too weak against TH11 without warden, we need to fix that.

I will make a full post soon on what we need to rebalance in TH13, including all throughout the game.

Just a showcase of my builder base, long after I got my 6th builder. With the new QOL update, BB is way more tolerable now. However, I still think that we need some reward for losing otherwise losing streaks are very frustrating to go through. What I propose is that you get loot proportionate to the percentage and stars of your hit. If you get >50% 2 stars, you can get at least half loot for the loss. 1 star would give you 33% of the loot. The loot cap remains the same as 3 wins, but you can go for 6 losses instead of 3 wins to get your loot. Each loss also needs a decent effort so that you cannot just drop 1 archer and get the loot.

The final troop upgrade I have in the builder base. After this, I can spend all my elixir in walls. I’m using 2 super pekkas, 3 cannon carts and 9 hog gliders for my raids.

My giant cannon is currently going to lvl8 right now. After it is done upgrading, I have 1 level of giant cannon and 3 archer towers to upgrade before I’m maxed defenses. Walls still have a long way to go but I’m not too concerned about them.

Looking at my enemies, I am outgunned which means I have above average skill compared to the cohort. The matchmaking in the builder base is really good which is why they used the exact same one in CWL. Skill and progression are just as important. Before this, progression meant nothing because you are matched against people of similar strength in normal CW. In day to day farming, you get to choose dead bases to farm and you don’t get more loot just because you’re stronger (definitely flawed). Clan games are actually easier for lowbies but does not discriminate against rushed or maxed players.

SC probably needs to introduce more aspects of such matchmaking into the home base so that more maxers get their asses whooped. Too bad whenever SC does something like that, maxers cry, whine and quit, thus forcing SC to pull back a little. SC seriously needs to add a note somewhere saying that maxing is NOT the only way to play the game and rushing is generally better. This is be their reasoning to discount wall prices so harshly. Casuals are happy because they can max walls, while hardcore players will get bored and hopefully upgrade TH. Good concept, bad implementation, poor outcome. People are now waiting with maxed walls and refusing to upgrade TH.


  1. Hey Sin, I’ve got my barbs at 16, bombers at 4, carts at 13 and giants at 10. My BM is level 8. I’ve finished all necessary steps to start my BM grind except barbs. Should I finish up the barbs to 18, or should I start BM and ignore lab?


  2. I’m at the th9 stage, guild members won’t believe me when I tell them rushing is so much better lol. Maxing defenses, yet only 9/7 heroes.


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