Hammered another mortar here, nothing exciting.

Upgraded my low level bomb, if only everything grows like this right? 33% increase is just the right amount of power you need every single level to notice its increase in strength.

This comment I made in reddit got a ton of upvotes because of how true it is

“The noob days (TH1-9) was the best in terms of balance. You had good growth throughout and your upgrades were impactful and meaningful. Contrast that with TH12/13 where you spend 2 weeks to upgrade stuff and don’t gain anything except an aesthetic upgrade.”

Just another picture of my base. Currently I am taking regular pictures mainly for my next video to show my progress. Otherwise I can make one post a week and there still wouldn’t have much to show. TH13 upgrades take 2 weeks and I only get 3-4 upgrades per week so you probably cannot notice the difference between this picture and the previous one.

The 2 day bomb upgrade filled the gap nicely so that I can keep working on upgrades every few days. My mortars are upgrading to TH12 level right now and I need 2 more books/hammers to max them out. I will most probably have an extra book or hammer, and as such I will use one to upgrade an archer tower.

Very short list of upgrades remaining, I am looking forward to finish everything now.

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