Almost end of season so I need to claim all season pass rewards.

Two events going on and I need to make 30 raids in 4 days to gain 40 gems. I will try but I don’t think I’ll make it.

This is my bowitch yeti army. I use 3 rage, 1 heal, 1 jump and 1 freeze. I bring 2 yetis in a WW and have an extra rage spell there. Not a conventional army by any means, but has been quite reliable so far and heroes don’t die very often against the bases I face.

This is my hybrid miner hog army for farming, which is vastly different from war attacks. Here I focus on training speed and consistency which is why I have so many miners. Its basically a QW miner army with a tiny bit of hogs. I use siege barracks with 9 hogs for cc, 3 heal, 1 rage, 2 freeze, 1 poison and 1 rage from cc.

The last 20 hours before this sales will end, so putting this picture here instead of its actual day of release. I recommend getting the 2 book of buildings, great value. All 3 of the book packs (fighter’s delight, double muscle and book smart) are good so you can pick and choose whichever you like. I personally bought all 3 to expedite my eventual max. Managed to shave off more than one week, decent value.

If you are short of money, please don’t buy any of these. If you really want to spend money, buy the gold pass and none of these. Economy isn’t doing quite well these days so don’t spend your money on a useless game if you cannot afford food. I personally am getting paid overtime due to the pandemic and my job in the frontlines, so I’m happy to splurge. Your circumstances might be completely different.

I only have archer towers and 2 mortars remaining besides traps. The blue theme is nice, though I would like if we get more walls to upgrade. My main account is giving everyone 1mil/1mil for raiding me, which is probably SC’s way to buffing storage raiding.

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