Valks lvl7 are a decent upgrade, with a proper 20% increase in hp but less than 10% increase in dps. With electro dragons, valks in their current stats are completely unusable because people space out their buildings. Honestly, the only way to buff them now is to give them 1/3 the stats of pekkas (probably more than that) and their gimmick of splash damage will just be a bonus for cc troops and poorly designed bases.

Took all the gem options. Including the resource potion and shovel, it is a total of 175 gems this season. With all the free magic items that SC gives, you can honestly get 300-400 gems per month

Currently using this army for farming. I do not condone using super gobs and leaving dead bases without a shield because that just makes loot worse for everyone else. If you want to use this, use it slightly inefficiently to get >30% and give people shields. The 693k raid which I got 24% was an active base so not giving them a shield is fully warranted.

Though the loot is good, I don’t like farming like this and don’t have the time to play for hours straight. Its exactly the same reason why I don’t like boosting barracks. If I were still grinding for my heroes at lower levels, then this would be a great way to farm. Right now, I much prefer logging in once every hour or so and raid for good loot using barch or once every two hours using bowitch.

Goblins 3-4mil/hour

Barch ~2mil/hour

Bowitch ~1mil/hour

Day 572:

I forgotten to take a picture of my base the previous day so I opted to combine both days into one. Bought the special pack with one book of fighting and gemmed this level of valk. After stupidly realising that I didn’t have enough DE to upgrade the final level of valks, I thought long and hard, finally deciding to upgrade baby dragons.

Then used a few research potions to ensure that I can get my lab for day one of the May season in order to spend my elixir/DE.

Day 573:

Nothing to comment here.

Started another archer tower with the 20% discount active. I probably should have upgraded a few more archer towers with this discount than to wait for the next season, but I was busy at work so farming >10mil/day was quite hard. Could’ve saved 1-2 days and 8mil gold if I wanted to farm hard before the end of April season.

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