Took these pictures 3 days prior:

5% increase to archer towers which is comical. I know they want to add 2 levels of archer towers, but they can easily be a 15% increase for a total of 30% increase. In fact, every defense should get a 30% increase to both hp and dps. That would at least make TH13 slightly stronger than TH12. Currently TH13 is only stronger because of scattershots, so much so that people are saying TH10+scattershots are almost as strong as TH12+scatter and far stronger than TH12 without scatter. When you do the math, it makes total sense to feel that way.

Used my last two books to complete my last 2 pending archer towers. This leaves me with only traps remaining and 4 archer towers started but waiting to be completed.

Day 578

Finally I’m starting my trap upgrades and they will be the last things I complete before I’m maxed. I always leave traps for last because they are shorter upgrades and you want them right before you complete your journey. If you do longer upgrades, you run the risk of having 4-5 builders free with just 1-2 waiting for their final upgrade to complete. While it doesn’t affect too much, I want to end the clock and see how fast it took me to complete TH1 to TH13.

Although traps grow decently, they simply aren’t impactful enough. SC could’ve used break points to make traps amazing everything they’re upgraded. I’ll use seeking air mines as an example, TH12 SAM should be able to one-shot TH12 healers, but cannot kill TH13 healers. To kill TH13 healers, you need TH13 SAM. This would dramatically change how important SAMs are in terms to stopping queen walks by enemies.

All other traps and interactions are far more difficult to balance. For example, TH12 giant bombs should be able to one-shot TH12 barbs/bowlers, but unable to do so against TH13 barbs/bowlers. Sounds simple enough, but do remember that there are mortars and tons of other small things going on which may one-shot your barbs/bowlers regardless.

This is my entire list of upgrades remaining, 4 archer towers started, 2 SAM started with 7 small bombs, 6 giants bombs and 2 SAMs to go. As of right now, I still have not unlocked the 15% discount but I’m keen to have that and the 20% active as soon as possible to finish my list of upgrades. I will probably spam quite a few builder potions with my CWL medals to skip a few days.

63mil gold to go before I’m maxed.


  1. I’m a th 10 right now and I finished all my walls and I’m having overflowing loot. I’ve been in th 10 for about 2-3 weeks and all I have to upgrade from following your guide is the army camp, Dark spell factory, dark elixir drill and other optional upgrades from your guide. Is it best to start the town hall 11 upgrade now or is it more important to focus on my army camps?


  2. CWL are about to end and I am looking to upgrade to th12 at the end of the szn. Should i still buy as many builder potions as possible or should i get a hammer of building for my cc upgrade in th12?


  3. I have a rune of dark elixir and a rune of gold. What do you think is the best way to use these items cause I’m a th 10 and I’m going to use a hammer to go to th 11 soon.


  4. Hey tinysin. Should i buy hammer of building for th 12 cc upgrade? or spend all of them on builder’s potions? I am trying to get to th12 by the time the season gold pass ends


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