Finally maxed out my defenses in BH9 and now I have walls remaining. I think I still need 1-2 months before I can max out my walls. Nothing much here since I’m not interested in pushing the BH.

Used a book here to skip 11 days of siege barracks upgrade. I could’ve used a book for the lvl4 upgrade but I need to spend my books

Upgraded EQ spells so that I can use EQ yeti smash without power potions. I also have 2 book of spells to use so I just need to upgrade EQ to lvl3 then book my way to max.

Base is almost maxed now, I just have traps remaining. All defensive upgrades are done and I will be maxed in about 3 weeks. TH13 has been overall pretty underwhelming. While scattershots and RC are good, one was maxed within the first month which is 80% of my growth in TH13 and the other took nearly 3 months to max and be useful. Using all 4 heroes and a full war army just to crush a TH12 is quite pathetic, it shouldn’t take so much to crush a lower level.

Seeking air mines are the next things I will finish, then the other two will be completed in the end.

I’m currently drafting my idea for TH11-13 balance and what surprises me is how important warden is for TH12. With the warden, you actually gain nearly 50% increase in strength for some troops but you cannot really feel the improvement. This is why we need so much growth between TH levels, because even 50% can sometimes feel insufficient. Furthermore, relying on one single hero upgrade for 20 levels to gain your strength is not a good way to balance the game. Even a TH11 with lvl40 warden is stronger than TH13 which is absurd.

A sneak peek for tomorrow’s post.


  1. How long does it take to upgrade heroes to max? I’m a th 11 with a level 24 king and queen and a warden that’s going to level 5


  2. Might get a gold pass next season but I’ve been upgrading all heroes consistently since I was th 9 early last month. Also is the gold pass the best in app purchase to make in the game? I play quite a bit and want to progress asap so I have been following your townhall guides alongside your website in general.


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