Our clan did really well the last season and we are now getting promoted to Masters 2 for the next season! I’m quite proud of what my clan has achieved this season because it took quite a bit of team work and definitely a lot of upgrading behind the scenes to be able to push to M2. The next challenge now is to maintain ourselves in M2. Remember, we just got promoted to M3 about 3-4 seasons ago.

We won all 7 wars and topped the table, allowing us to be promoted.

Tiny got 3 triples, 3 doubles and 1 one-star fail. It is a decent score but I definitely could’ve done better. For most wars, I hit down to a weaker TH13 to maximise our score and I only managed to convert 3 of those attacks and failed at one. That averages out at a 3 star rate of ~28% (2/7) against weaker TH13.

War 1:

This first war was good because they eventually become the 2nd place clan. We barely beat them because we were able to convert a few 3 stars by hitting down. We lost by % but who cares, we won by stars. This highlights the importance of knowing the win condition. By hitting up/down, we maximise our stars and this allows us to win against clans that might be slightly more skillful than us.

War 2:

Quite an easy win. We got a lot of 1 stars but we had a stronger bottom so we won.

War 3:

War 4:

War 5:

War 6:

This is by far the hardest war in the entire season. First, I failed my attack and got 1 star and one of our good attackers disconnected, making his 3 star attack turn into a 0 star. With about 3-4 stars down, we managed to squeeze out a win by getting more stars. The enemy just had too many 1 stars going against my anti-2 star island base so we barely managed to win. Just look at the % difference between our clans, we won despite a massive shortage of %.

This is exactly why you need to know what wins wars, not “same TH 3 star rate”, not “skill”, they definitely help but the only thing that wins wars are the stars you get. You can have a 100% TH12 3 star rate, but you can still lose the war if you don’t get enough stars. I’ve seen countless times, stupid commentators say “oh, clan A is more skillful because tripled all their TH11/12, but clan B won”. No shit, the clan who won was the clan which was more skillful, it doesn’t matter how good your lowbies are if you lose by stars. Always see the objective and aim for it.

War 7:

Defenses are maxed now so I just need to farm 1-2mil gold per day to keep builders busy. I only need about 30mil total gold to max out all traps now and another 2 weeks of upgrades to go.

3.2*5 + 4*3 = 28mil gold to go

Everything’s looking good


      • Yup you can. But you can also keep the 50 gems. I’m a sucker for BOHs from trader shops. So wanted to know if the research potion was of greater value.


      • I just realised that it costed 50 gems, I didn’t buy it because I didn’t realised it had a discount. Yeah, 50 gems is a decent price then (BoF 925 gems – max 18 days, research potion 50 gems – 1 day discount)


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