Free 50 gems from shovel of obstacles. I didn’t buy the research potion but I realised that it was discounted at 50 gems. At that price point, it was actually a good deal because usually BoF is 925 gems which can skip maximum 18 days (usually less) while the research potion can skip 1 day in less than 1/18 the price.

Today’s offer with 120 gem builder potions is also a fair deal. A BoB costs 925 gems to skip 16-18 days, while the builder potion can skip ~2 days. If you have the gold pass, BoB can only skip 12-14 days and BoH can only skip 5.6 days. If you have multiple heroes upgrading this builder potion is a better deal than BoB/BoH in trader.

Upgraded quake spell to lvl3 then I can use 2 books to instantly bring it to lvl5. I have a BoS in the storage and one more from gold pass which was what initiated me to upgrade quake spell in the first place.

This offer appeared yesterday but it isn’t anything to write home about so I didn’t mention it. The BoH deal is ok, but nothing too amazing (20-40% discount compared to buying directly from trader). The current deal today is 10mil gold and 2 builder potions for $3 which is unfortunately still quite bad. Usually I set the minimum threshold at $3/book (not BoH and BoS) for a deal to be good. $3 for 2 builder potions isn’t good enough unfortunately. In general, I value each builder potion at $0.75-$1 before I consider them any decent.

Giant bombs at TH13 grows decently, but doesn’t hit any reasonable breakpoint for them to be good against TH12. Doesn’t even tickle TH12 hogs/miners/bowlers at 325 damage sadly.

Almost done with traps now, I just started the final upgrade for my 6th builder. With only 5 upgrades remaining, I need to use some builder potions soon otherwise it wouldn’t be worthwhile anymore.

Currently drafting a post regarding balance for TH11-13 and it just saddens me when I compare TH11 stuff against TH13, it is no wonder TH11v13 is so easy. With rage, TH11 pekkas and edrags can one shot almost any TH13 building, while TH13 defenses barely do any better against TH11 troops compared to TH11 defenses. Seriously, balance would be really good if everything just gained 33% per upgrade, TH11 troops wouldn’t survive, TH11 defenses would barely tickle TH13 troops. The fact that TH10 can use maxed TH13 siege machines and smash through TH13 buildings and walls like they’re nothing is insane.


  1. Can you give a link to your builder base design? I’ve just reached builder hall 9 and need a base design and yours seems pretty good.


  2. Hey, I’ve been following your guide for about a month and a half now and I’ve got to th 11 so far with all my royals upgrading. I’ve noticed in your guide that you don’t upgrade your defences much and I understand your reasoning behind this but when should I upgrade my defences? Is there like a specific town hall when I should upgrade defence?


    • Whenever you have a free builder not upgrading offense, heroes and resource collectors is a good time to just upgrade any defense. There’s no specific town hall, its just opportunistically upgrading defenses whenever there’s nothing more important


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