2 free builder potions, no-brainer here

Traps gain a decent 22% growth which is actually just used to counter regular WB. For all normal usage, they are pretty useless. For 12v13, these trap upgrades do nothing.

Hammered my siege barracks to max.

Used my two book of spells to max out my earthquake spell which was the main reason why I wanted to max them in the first place. Month to month, I only consider which books I have available to decide what troops/spells I want to upgrade.

With battle blimps maxed, I can now finally interchange and use all 4 siege machines depending on how my raid goes. This is especially useful in yeti smash attacks to see if you got the TH or not.

Finally, I have started my final building upgrade and with the 2 free builder potions from earlier today, I only need to wait 4 days before they are finally complete and I will be finally maxed. Sweet release!


  1. I’ve just got the gold pass this month and the boost for builders is good but sort of annoying. When I start the upgrade, most of them finish at like 4 am in the morning and it’s pretty annoying. Any tips to fix this?


  2. Oh yeah, I’ll definitely keep upgrading my archer queen and warden until max but I have a question. How long should I stay in this townhall? Cause I think I can finish walls in the next month and want to finish my offence upgrades but the real question is if I can finish my warden by then.


  3. Hey sin, I’ve been following your guide and am about to reach th11, is using super troops for farming beneficial in this stage? or should I just stick to barch


  4. Hi, what do you think of the new lightning spell? I found it to be so good for barch. Lightning the drills in dead bases or mortars if they are more value seems to be so much better now. Or on altars if you really need the win.


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