Start date: 26th Sept 2018

End date: 21st May 2020

Total time: 604 days – 1 year 7 months 26 days

I didn’t post this as soon as I maxed, probably should have but I have lost interest in the game. People who have been reading my daily blogs would’ve picked it up easily because of my negativity which bled through in the past 3-4 months. I now feel more invigorated by not being a slave to this game and found that I didn’t miss it at all just 1-2 days after stopping.

I’ll most likely never come back to the game unless they make major changes to game balance in the higher TH levels. Balance is just abhorrent at TH11-13, there is no reason that TH13 is barely 20% stronger than TH11, no reason that scattershots alone are 80% of TH13’s strength. SC is trying to bridge the gap between serious warmongers and casual players by gimping the growth of TH13 and there is no reason for me to play if progression is so bad. I have been playing other games (mostly idle games) which grows exponentially and I have so much fun playing those instead.

I was aware that there was another update last month but I just can’t bring myself to play again given how small the improvement is. I know that finishing all the upgrades in that update is probably not going to make me happy or make my life better so I didn’t bother.

I still have two posts pending, first one is an in-depth calculation on how to balance the game properly while not affecting TH13 vs TH13 balancing. It is so absurdly easy that there is no reason for SC not to do it, unless they are happy with the current balance, that TH13 can still easily fall to TH10/11s. The second one is a detailed opinion post on the problems of Clash. No game is perfect, but I probably have played this game for way too long, I started playing nearly 6 years ago which is almost 3 years too much.


  1. Hi! This was a really good journal, thank you for sharing this. I am currently following this journal for a donation account. It is sad that you have lost interest in the game. Hopefully supercell brings in an update huge enough to bring you back and do more of these guides. Thank you once again!
    P.S what idle games are you playing at the moment?


  2. gg’s dusk. Your guides have been super helpful throughout my journey in clash since I got back into in January. Sad to see you go but its understandable. Good luck with residency and the path to being a doctor! Also studying for mcat right now and found this to be a good game to play while I’m kind of busy.


  3. Wow, it’s a little sad to see you finish playing, but at the same time I see why. Thank you for your great advice over the years, you will be missed.

    Anyways, have you found any good mobile idle games?


  4. FWIW, This is the best clash guide there is, bar none. I am sorry you lost interest in the game. I am going to miss reading your blog!
    Thank you!!!


  5. I was really surprised to see you stop playing. I had always admired your dedication to stick with the game. I always got burnt out too fast and hated the endgame due to its massive time sink and lack of true progression. Your willingness to stick it out says a ton about your character.

    I will definitely miss your blogs as I would read them even when not playing just to get your take on how the game was.


  6. I’m going to miss your daily blogs, but it’s been great these past couple of years following your blogs and guides. It’s too bad you quit, and I really hope supercell follows your advice to change the endgame. I saw tat you’ve been playing some idle games, and I was wondering if there was another game you’d be starting a guide on as that would be really cool. Hope to see you back for th14, and I wish you well.


  7. Your guides were really helpful for me atleast, I am currently early-mid th13 so there is still long way to go.

    It’s unfortunate you aren’t interested in the game currently but i will still visit your page when new updates drop. Clash on ! 🙂


  8. The thing is that the 3 star system combined with the requirement that attacking “up” be viable leaves little room for difference to TH levels.
    Here is THX vs max TH13:
    TH10: 1 star, possibly 2 if the attacker is very good and utilizes max CC troops and siege machines. Very little chance of 2-stars if the TH13 has an anti-2 base
    TH11: 2 star if TH13 doesn’t have an anti-2 base; unlikely to get 2 if proper defensive clan castle troops are utilized
    TH12: 2 star, 1 star only if the base explicitly counters the attack
    Average (in terms of skill) TH13: High 2 star, with low chances of 3 depending on base design
    Good TH13: Significant chance of 3-star, will almost always triple poorly built bases
    Excellent TH13: Sometimes 3-stars even when the base is built to defend the army used, can easily triple a base with practice, anti-3 bases are almost necessary to successfully defend
    In normal matchmaking, a skilled TH10 can 2-star a TH13, but the average TH13 mostly 2-stars max TH13. Since percentage is unlikely to matter, TH13 is not much different from TH11 in terms of offense.
    However, I’m fine with successive levels only increasing strength by a little bit, since it prevents rushers from totally crushing maxers (both playstyles should have some viability).
    I don’t see why TH13 should have a major power spike on the likes of TH8 -> TH9, but here’s a plan to do that:
    1. Royal Champion has 20 more levels
    2. Scattershot level 3
    3. 4th Inferno Tower
    4. Average increase of stats for TH13 lab upgrades increased 9% ->13%
    5. X-Bow level 8 (200 dps)


  9. I’ve been wondering what you were up to, so I decided to stop by and was somewhat surprised to see you’ve retired. I don’t blame you. You definitely contributed a lot to this community and on the subreddit, I can tell lots of folks have come across your guidance in some form with how much strategic rushing I see. The game of diminishing returns will eventually encourage its long time players to retire which is somewhat unfortunate, but life goes on. Good luck to you in your next adventures!


  10. I hope you come back. Town Hall 14 was released and it could make for some good content. I know lots of people would love for you to return. Hopefully you comeback. I need your guides, everyone does!!


    • Unfortunately, unless TH14 can steamroll a TH13 with basically zero skill and minimal army preparation needed, Dusk won’t come back to a game that doesn’t really reward progression 😦


      • was that sarcastic or for reals? cause I know the gist of rushing is mainly “bully attacks” like E. Dragon, but TH11 to TH13 should be far more different than just positioning (TH11 can 2 stars a TH13 as if it were a more buffed TH12, which shouldn’t be that easy). Anyway, I liked the Pets. They added another dimension to the game, even if minimal.


      • That’s true. Seeing videos, 11v14 is possible and 14v12 isn’t a gimme too. Quite pointless to progress when a lowbie can crush a maxed base and a maxed base can’t do that same.

        Imo, each TH should be at least 2-3x more powerful than the one before


  11. I feel the balance BS, I easily 1* and sometime 2* fully maxed TH 13 bases with my TH12 and previously 11 super barch and some freezes heal and rages. Each TH should be far greater than the previous ones as they can take at least 1 year for a casual player to complete. Th13 players should not have to deal with losing defenses against some rushed th11 using a 10 minute trained army.


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