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Day 400, friend in need

Finally donated enough troops to my main account that I can now claim 250 more gems. These gems are going to be really helpful when the new TH comes out. Now I need to donate enough spells to claim that juicy gem reward Spent my gold and now I can continue farming again. Two cannons upgraded at the same time […]

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Day 398, Sept season challenges

I like this new interface and the QOL update changes to the season pass. The ice queen looks good too, I might change my AQ’s permanent skin to this. With all the expensive upgrades I did previously, I now need to wait at least 2 days for my next builder and my loot is at 28mil after the season bank. […]

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Day 396, Oct clan game rewards

Our clan barely scraped 50k points for this clan games with me maxing out my points across my accounts. If you are a TH9 and above, and interested to join my clan, you are more than welcome. I’ll try to be online to accept you. I took all the obvious choices. First column gems, second column gems (shovel sells for […]

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Day 394, bad halloween pack

Halloween packs are pretty bad this year. I was working a lot during this period so I did not cover these packs and advised you guys not to buy these. The only possible good deal was the $10 pack with 2 books and a decoration. If you like the dragon statue then it might be worth it, otherwise it was […]

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Day 393

Using my weekly hammer of building to skip another 14 day upgrade. Wasn’t able to start my builders on time because of my work schedule. I never open my game during work and I rarely get lunch/dinner breaks to open the game as well. As a result, now I have two builders working on cannons at the same time which […]

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Day 391, weekly update

Dropped back down to crystal to spam royal ghosts. And this is how I was farming the last week with my 110 hour per week work schedule. I’m scared now that they are going away soon. It will be almost impossible for me to farm enough loot given my schedule. Even barch cannot keep up because I’m basically doing work […]

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Day 387, hogs to lvl9

SC added a second level to hogs for TH12 in one of the past updates which made them quite strong. Before the update, they were abysmal and not used at all. If SC thought that they were too weak, they should just buff them instead of adding so many levels. The only reason why they added a new level instead […]

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Day 385

Completed the royal ghost event within a day by removing my witches from bowitch and some bowlers to bring more ghosts. But the army was really weak so I won’t […]

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Day 379, weekly update

Changing my schedule slightly now that my base is matured and daily posts will get boring. I am currently working in an extremely busy hospital and fortunately I get one day off per week (unless a disaster happens). I can still try my best and make one post per week on my progress and try my best to write 1-2 […]

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Day 374, book of everything

I’m using a book of everything whenever I have time now to skip days. If I have a good stretch of maybe 1 day before the next builder comes free, I will spend a book. I still have one more book from the previous value pack I bought before the end of the season. Books of everything are really just […]

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Day 373, I hate the builder base

It is so frustrating to play the builder base because of all these 100% draws. The only way I can win is to hope that my enemy makes a mistake and gives me the win. Sometimes when I screw up and didn’t get the 100%, my enemy screws up as well but gets higher % than me. This is the […]

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Day 372, hammer of building

Spent 120 medals and skipped 14 days of my inferno tower upgrade. This is my second maxed inferno and my final one is going to lvl5 now. I plan to farm a little more afterwards and use my book of everything to skip the final one. I aim to complete infernos and air defenses first then focus on other defenses. […]