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Day 269, book of building as a rusher

Afterwards, I think I will only make base progress posts every week while writing guides and opinion pieces on other days. My base progress is quite boring now so people would not be so interested to read them anymore. Filled up my gold storage using a rune because I have another rune waiting in my season pass rewards. Upgraded my […]

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Day 268, troop balancing

Spent a ton of gems to complete AQ Oh wow, I didn’t knew that I also maxed AQ within 4 days on this account. I’m not sure how I farmed the loot but I did. Given this picture, I can see that I used a rune of DE to maximise my DE storage. What I think is that I had […]

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Day 267, grinding heroes again

Just saw that I have a huge backlog of pictures to post on this day so I will post pictures instead of discussing about troops. This picture was taken within the 3rd day of the June update. I spent some gems to complete AQ 62 immediately and used a rune of DE to upgrade her again AQ going to lvl63, […]

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Day 266, 20 hero levels

Since I was focusing so much on main account, I didn’t take any picture of my base, just a look at which magic items I used. Instead of combining with the pictures of tomorrow, I will put a discussion based on something I read on the forums. These runes are really amazing for the free levels. I splurged a few […]

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Day 264, weight of giga tesla

Read this post in the forum and inspired to give my comment here This is imo, one of the most egregious things in the balance between TH levels. Going to TH12 will hurt you in regular wars, because you gain so much weight but don’t gain the corresponding strength to balance it. If TH12 is almost always heavier than […]

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Day 263, BK maxed (for TH11)

A lot of people will make some sort of celebration in reddit saying “heroes are maxed”/”AQ is maxed” and what not. Then when you click in, you see that they are only lvl40 or lvl50 proclaiming “maxed”. I don’t really know what the definition of “maxed” is but I presume that it must be at least lvl65 for BK/AQ? Doesn’t […]

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Day 262, elixir for walls need an overhaul

Didn’t write a post yesterday because I didn’t prepare one before going for vacation. Just went to Indonesia twice in the last 3 months and now my ads feed are all Indonesian, pretty annoying. This picture above is typically seen at the end of day when I complete my farming. You can see full storages while I wait for my […]

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Day 261

Another 5 hours of boost today. I got about 21 builder potions the other day so I want to try and spend as many as possible before the update drops. This picture was taken on 13th June which was before the update. I know this is confusing as I am showing picture of the past, but it makes it easy […]

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Day 260, another 5 hours of boost

Using some builder potions from yesterday’s CWL rewards. I use them in blocks of 5 so that I can spread out my farming and builders. This way, I only need to farm a few raids per day instead of being glued to my screen. In this picture, 5 builder potions would allow me to finish 3 upgrades and bring my […]

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Day 259, CWL rewards

I honestly thought the June update would drop before this CWL finished so that we were restricted in builder potions. But apparently they weren’t ready to release the update so I had another 15 builder potions to use based on this reward. Our team got 3rd place in crystal 2 after being promoted last season. I was a little apprehensive […]

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June 2019 CWL results

Day 258 This final picture was taken before the war ended. I think we lost this war but I’m not too sure. Yup, you’re seeing it right. I managed to score a perfect CWL season this month. After discussing with my clan, they felt that it would be better than I secure a 3 star against a weak TH12 or […]

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Day 256, #resourcler

Bought book of heroes in preparation of lvl65 AQ and warden. I’m going to need it really soon since the update will drop in about 2 weeks time. Since I don’t have a picture of my base of this day, I elected to discuss this topic which some clash youtuber named “Galadon” has proposed. This guy is famous, but has […]

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Day 255

I have 100 medals remaining and that means only 6 builder potions left 😦 Along with the 5 currently in my inventory, I can only boost 11*45 = 495 hours. Its still 20 days of progress that I can skip but I’m going to be sad when I exhaust all these goodies. Have dragons in my army camp for the […]

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Day 254, keep boosting builders

First thing in the morning and I boost my builders for 5 hours again. This amount of progress is crazy, giving almost 10 days of progress in 5 hours. I’m miss this after my medals are exhausted and the nerf has hit. Currently waiting for the July CWL to have enough medals to buy more magic items Refilled my builder […]

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Day 253, spamming builder potions

This picture was taken after they announced that builder potions would be nerfed, so I planned to spend all my medals on builder potions before the update dropped. Nobody knew when the update would drop so I just bought as many as I could and Time to boost builders like crazy, that would allow me to spend my DE. Each […]