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Day 558, valk lvl5

Another level of valks and the greatest increase is yet again the cost. This level of valk gained 200 hp because lvl4 was nerfed by 100 hp, not because it broke the trend or anything. Given the poor dps increase (TH10 valks have 67% the dps of TH13), it is no wonder valks cannot keep up with TH13 strength. Most […]

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Day 554

Used some gems to skip 3 hours of waiting time. Just spending it now so that I don’t need to wake up at 12midnight to start a new upgrade or waste 5 hours of builder time. It isn’t the best use of gems to be honest but I didn’t want to use my limited builder potions. Buying builder potions from […]

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Day 553, Apr CWL season

Gotten enough stars this season to get the 250 stars achievement. Took the 250 gems and moved on Triple threat isn’t too bad for a pack, its $3.33 (USD) per book which will allow you to upgrade one troop, one spell and one hero level. Potion locomotion isn’t too bad, but 2 days of research potions for $1 cannot compare […]

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Day 548, Super wall breaker

After finishing my one week stint of super barbs, I’m now forced to use a different super troop and I chose super wb for war usage. Their stats aren’t too bad, but their 8(!!) troop space really hinders their usage. My barch feels overall weaker with super WB wasting more space than they need. I usually only use 8 regular […]

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Day 547, maxed bomb towers

Bomb towers gain 12.5% in their stats, probably not going to make much difference in the end. With super barbs now, they aren’t really game-breaking for the barch playstyle. At least now they do much better after the recent buff to them in Feb. Hammered my first bomb tower and used a book to skip the second one. Hope my […]

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Day 546, maxed walls!

Less than 4 days after the update and I’ve maxed walls again. It was actually far easier than it seems especially for someone who has stockpiled all the magic items prior. I did 22 walls on day one with all my runes, wall rings, storage, treasury and season pass loot. I then farmed a little over the past few days […]

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Day 542, March 2020 update!

The first new thing I upgraded in this update. 50k DE is nothing to me so I don’t understand the complaints people bring up. Super barbs make it so much easier to get the 1 star without QW so he’s quite worth it. I would say keep them active as much as possible for your TH11-13 journeys. With overflowing DE […]

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Day 539

Used the hammer for another WT upgrade. Scattershots, infernos and WT are the most expensive upgrade of TH13 so it is a good idea to use hammers for their final levels. For new, rushed TH13s it is a good idea to save your medals for these expensive upgrades instead of wasting them on cheaper upgrades. Base here looks the same, […]

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Day 536

Not much progress here, just started a new upgrade. Another penultimate level of mortars being upgraded. SC will add another level on top of this upgrade but that will only happen in another few days of this picture. This was my short to-do list of upgrades remaining before the update. I’m not too concerned with the update though, it will […]

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Day 531, two cannons upgraded

Hammered a cannon here because it is my most expensive upgrade remaining. Used a book here for another cannon to skip 12 days. Each magic item used skips a total of 2 days which is pretty good. I am about 2 months away from maxing TH13 completely and the update will increase it by about 40 days. I just need […]

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Day 528, maxed giants

I’m using electro dragons here because of the electro event but the training time really affects the effectiveness of this farming army. Right after I did the 12 raids necessary for the event, I immediately switched back to QW hybrid. If you love boosting, then these events are great for farming. I don’t like boosting so being able to squeeze […]