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Journal (TH9 day 68)

Done another collector level and dumped my loot. The picture was taken after I did a few raids to recoup the loot. Once the collectors become daily things, I don’t forget them anymore. I tend to wake up a little early and play coc in the morning, so I’ll rhythmically upgrade and keep any builder busy if needed. The 12 […]

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Journal (4th month!)

I forgotten to take pictures on both 22nd and 23rd, so I’ll just recycle the image from 21st. Project the picture one day ahead, and my BK is going to lvl14 now, loons going to lvl5 and done with all my lvl7 collectors. In the span of 4 months, I have 13/15 royals which is something most maxers only get […]

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TH9 Upgrade Priority Guide

Updated 07 Sept 2019 Ideally, you’ll want to be here without maxing either TH7 or TH8. The earlier you come into TH9, the better. The hero grind takes so long that almost any maxer will inevitably have maxed defenses, idle builders before even halfway done with heroes. Look into global and see most TH9s, you’ll find that they have maxed […]

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TH10 attack log (21/9/2016)

This is my attack log for my TH10 account today Few raids using multiple zap spells, but quite worth it by exchanging elixir for DE. Unlike other comps, I’ve saved much more elixir with cheap troops such that my profit margin still maintains despite using all spells. The problem with expensive troops is that, without heroes or spells, they’re barely […]

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Journal (TH9 day 54)

Mid TH9 base: Forgotten to upgrade mines and pumps again yesterday evening! No choice but to upgrade them this morning instead, very unfortunate. Besides that, upgrading my final dark barracks to max now then I’ll work on regular barracks. I’ll probably unlock baby drags as I want miners in TH10 for casual raiding when I want to. The amount of […]