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Determinants of defense

Defense is an intricate thing, and by the developer’s vision, at least 50% of the game. Many players, even 3-4 year long veterans do not understand much about defense and how it works. This is an article to right those misconceptions and teach people how defense really works in Clash of Clans. Note: This article only covers regular MM and […]

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MiniSin TH10 attack log (23/11/16)

Forums still have people asking how to farm. People who can’t progress are simply farming wrong, using the below raids, I can easily do 6-8mil elixir per day. That’s far more loot than I’ll ever need just for builders and lab. These are the types of bases I look for: Log: Another round: Log: 10 raids per day and I’m […]

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TH9 guide (end)

This guide is outdated, please refer to the updated TH9 guide Here is the place where you finish up all your defensive upgrades and keep on maxing heroes. Diligent rushers who have followed the guide since the beginning would have high enough level heroes that working on them in TH9 just doesn’t make sense anymore. Good rushers would skip this […]