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Journal (Day 18)

Finally doing spell factory after completing lab and starting archers lvl4 in lab. A TH6 would still be at 150 space right now, but I have 185 as a rushed TH7. That huge offensive boost is much more worth it than staying in TH6, not to mention the 4th barracks and lvl4 barch. Drill approaching max but I haven’t even […]

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Journal (Day 17)

Continuing to chug along. If you notice, I haven’t done my spell factory yet and it isn’t a mistake. Because I think maxing drills, barracks and camps are more important right now; I won’t be using rage spells to raid anyone anyway.

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Advantages of Rushing

Here’s a topic people rarely go into, because people always assume that maxing is the best way. But how do you explain my TH11 with almost everything maxed, which is less than 2 years old compared to a person who reached the same play I did playing almost 3.5 years, it makes no sense. Its because I rushed with no […]

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Journal (day 5)

Being a TH5 again is fun, especially with maxed troops in my CC to own enemies. The 3rd army camp really improve offense by a huge margin not to mention the upgrades to barbs. I’m upgrading barbs to lvl3 right now hoping they make a decent impact. As usual, elixir is too easy to come by while gold is all […]