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Journal (Day 35)

First day in TH8 Loot is quite easy to come by at TH8, and lvl5 barch means more loot than ever available to be taken. However, it takes a full […]

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Journal (Day 32)

Only 2.5 days left to the worst TH imo, and I’m about to max my walls now. There’s no outlet for elixir anymore so I won’t farm much these few days, just need to make sure I have enough for the initial TH8 upgrades. Defense log still full of TH8 with their troops mauling me. I don’t mind getting 100%, […]

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Journal (Day 30)

3 days since my last picture, now at least I’m nearly maxed with all my elixir buildings. As I said previously, no need to worry about BK because he’s now going to TH5. With high level troops, its easy to bust into any TH7 base for 800-1k DE

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Journal (Day 23)

Started my tesla already because why not. Its a free 34 dps for a day’s upgrade, which is much faster than any other upgrade I can do. See, that’s why adding new defenses help so much more than upgrading levels. If people are interested, I’ll just post some numbers showing the calculations and why a rushed TH can defend better […]

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Journal (Day 22)

Well, if I were a TH6 now I would still be at 0 DE and lvl 0 BK with nowhere near to having a barbarian king. That’s why its almost stupid to stay in lower TH levels when going up earlier would benefit one the most.  Nothing much changed here actually, still doing upgrades. Haven’t even placed my teslas because […]

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Journal (Day 21)

Missed a few days there because I’ve forgotten to take pictures of my base. But just see the progress there, even gotten my BK already. Archers lvl4 are a huge step up and well worth the rush. I’ve unlocked dragons if you noticed and now catching up my new barracks. The TH7 guide will be up soon, be sure to […]

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Journal (Day 18)

Finally doing spell factory after completing lab and starting archers lvl4 in lab. A TH6 would still be at 150 space right now, but I have 185 as a rushed TH7. That huge offensive boost is much more worth it than staying in TH6, not to mention the 4th barracks and lvl4 barch. Drill approaching max but I haven’t even […]

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Journal (Day 17)

Continuing to chug along. If you notice, I haven’t done my spell factory yet and it isn’t a mistake. Because I think maxing drills, barracks and camps are more important right now; I won’t be using rage spells to raid anyone anyway.