After some feedback, I have consolidated my guides to incorporate a few town hall levels so that players can follow through and know when and where to upgrade their town hall level. I have also included checklists at certain points so that players can just quickly go through and make sure important stuff are completed before they upgrade their TH level.

Early Tutorial (TH1-4 guide)

End of Tutorial (TH5 and TH6 guide)

Pre-TH7 Checklist

Early game (TH7 and TH8 guide)

Pre-TH9 Checklist

TH9 guide

Pre-TH10 Checklist

TH10 Guide

Pre-TH11 Checklist

TH10 farming guide

TH11 Guide

Pre-TH12 Checklist

TH12 Guide

Pre-TH13 Checklist (writing)

TH13 Guide

How to create a donation account (how to rush to TH12 ASAP)

How to fix a rushed base