Last updated: 13/08/2019

Once you reach here, you are a few short upgrades to TH7 where you unlock some important stuff. Don’t worry about skipping large portions of your base and definitely don’t worry about defenses for now. Regardless of how strong you are, someone else will always steal your loot. If you have good clan members, ask them to give you a baby dragon or 3 balloons to defend your base. These troops can work far better than any defense you can upgrade.

TH5 guide:

Odd numbered town halls gain a lot of offense, this is why it is important to get to these town halls quickly and improve your farming capabilities. You unlock spells in this town hall level. However, the only spell you have by now is the lightning spell which is pretty useless. You unlock more spells as you progress in the game.

Hopefully you get your 3rd builder by now. If you only have 2-3 builders, stay in TH5 for a day or so to work on upgrades. If you have 4-5 builders, you should have a lot of upgrades completed so just head straight to TH6.

First priority upgrades:

  1. 3rd army camp. Build this and immediately upgrade it to lvl2. This would increase your army camp space by 30 within the first hour of TH5. This upgrade would allow you to crush TH4s with punitive ease
  2. All new buildings which cost 1minute or less. This includes:
    • Gold mine and elixir collector #5 (lvl1)
    • Archer tower #3 (lvl1)
    • Cannon #3 (lvl1)
    • Bomb #3 and #4 (lvl1)
    • Air bomb #1 and #2 (lvl1)
    • 25 new walls (lvl1)
  3. All your upgrades here cost elixir, so just put all your spare gold into walls.
  4. Lab to lvl3. If possible, upgrade goblins lvl2 in the lab before starting this upgrade. This allows both to be upgraded concurrently. Upgrade barbarians to lvl3 after this is done. This upgrade might complete after you reach TH6, but don’t worry since this is the only troop you need for now. If this upgrade completes before you reach TH6, upgrade archers in the lab as well.
  5. Gold storage to lvl9/8 (one lvl9, one lvl8). This allows you enough storage space to upgrade to TH6. While you are upgrading this, move on to #5 and #6.
  6. Spell factory lvl1. This is just a stepping stone to lvl2 where you unlock heal spell.
  7. Wizard tower. This takes 3 hours but you can upgrade to TH6 as soon as you place this.
  8. If you only have 2-3 builders, try to get army camps to 5/4/4 and both gold and elixir storages to 9/8 before upgrading your town hall. If you have 4-5 builders, upgrade your town hall now and work on those building while you wait.
  9. Town hall 6. This upgrade will take 1 day which will allow you to work on more upgrades in the mean time.

Second priority upgrades:

  1. Army camps to max. Work on your lowest leveled army camp first (the lvl2 one) and bring it to lvl4. After that bring all of them to lvl5. You should be able to complete this even with 2-3 builders.
  2. Slowly work on walls every time you get a builder. Since your upgrades cost elixir, spend all your gold on walls. Your walls cost about 3mil gold
  3. Gold and elixir storages to max. You want the full 1mil storage space before you reach TH6, especially if you have 5 builders. Gold storage take priority here, to bring them both to lvl9 before upgrading your elixir storage
  4. Barracks. Upgrade one of your barracks to lvl6, leaving the rest at lvl2-4. You just need one high-leveled barracks to build stronger troops for events. Leave the rest at lvl2-4 so that you can train barbarians and archers.

Troops: if you follow the guide properly, you would only have enough time to upgrade barbarians (barbs) to lvl3. If you only have 2-3 builders, you may have some extra time, use that to upgrade archers (arch) to lvl3. Don’t hang around for too long. If you find yourself already done with both and still not TH6 yet, upgrade wallbreakers (wb) in lab

Summary: barbs lvl3 > (suboptimal) arch lvl3 > (not optimal) wb lvl2

Duration: 32-48 hours

Farming: just continue using barbs, they should be strong enough to punch through any TH4 base. By now, you should press next a little more often to find “dead bases”, these are bases with loot found in collectors and not storages. You want the collectors to look like this:

Elixir Collector7

First, check the total loot offered, you want it to be at least 100k each and preferably 200-300k. It will take 5-20 nexts to find a base like this. Once found, just drop all your barbarians surrounding the base (or targeted specifically on these collectors). You should be able to steal all the loot easily from there, and you may not even use all your barbarians to take all their loot

TH6 guide:

TH6 is where you unlock magic items. These are items which allow you to do various things, such as skipping the wait timer, boost your troops and collectors or even move obstacles around. There are many ways to get them, the first two ways are outlined below.

The first one is the trader who sells magic items. His inventory varies day to day but follows a specific cycle. I would just recommend to look through him everyday and pick up anything labelled “free”.

You also unlock clan games at this level. It is a monthly affair where you collect points for your clan and in return you get rewards. I recommend joining a clan which can complete the rewards so that you can earn magic items to speed up your journey.

First priority upgrades:

  1. New gold mine, new elixir collector, new spring traps, new giant bomb. These are nearly immediate and cost almost nothing, place them first.
  2. Never allow your lab to be idle, so upgrade archers lvl3 in the lab if not done so. If archers are done, upgrade wallbreakers lvl2 instead. If even wallbreakers are done, upgrade giants or balloons to lvl2.
  3. New mortar. You need this to reach TH7
  4. New wizard tower. You need this to reach TH7
  5. New air defense. You need this to reach TH7
  6. New air sweeper. You need this to reach TH7
  7. Town hall 7. If you have 5 builders, you can literally drop all new defenses and use your 5th builder to skip right ahead to TH7. Don’t worry about not finishing offense in TH6 because you gain access to a ton of offense in the first few minutes of TH7.

If you maxed your gold storage in TH5, you will have enough storage space in TH6 to upgrade to your town hall (1.2mil). If you find yourself short, upgrade both your gold storages to lvl9 to have enough capacity.

Even if you have just 3 builders as a free-to-play player, you can use all your 3 builders to start the TH upgrade within 3 hours of reaching TH6. There really is nothing worthwhile to upgrade and even with 3 builders, you can finish every single offense upgrade in TH6 in the 2 day upgrade timer. You gain zero relevant troop levels in TH6 so your farming doesn’t improve. Even the army camp upgrades in TH6 are not worth it because you instantly gain 25 troop space in TH7.

Second priority upgrades:

  1. Clan castle lvl3. This is the final gold upgrade in TH6 and allows you to bring 20 troop space to battle. I recommend filling it up with 2 valks or 1 dragon or 4 balloons for defense
  2. Use all your spare gold for wall from here on out, there are no upgrades costing gold until you reach TH7. Walls cost about 7.2mil this town hall level
  3. Lab to lvl4. This allows you to upgrade lab to lvl5 when you reach TH7, there is almost nothing worthwhile to upgrade here. Once lab is done, upgrade wallbreakers lvl3 and if unlocked, balloons to lvl2.
  4. Spell factory lvl2. This unlocks heal spell which is a really powerful spell. By the time you do this upgrade, you should be almost TH7 already.
  5. Army camps lvl6. You will only be able to do this upgrade if you have 4-5 builders. Don’t worry if you cannot get this upgrade because it only increases your army size by 15. You get the 4th army camp in TH7 which increases your army drastically.
  6. If you have 5 builders, upgrade one gold storage to lvl10 and one elixir storage to lvl10.

Troops: as long as you have barbs lvl3 and arch lvl3, you’re good. Use the remaining time to upgrade wallbreakers to lvl3 as well then balloons/giants lvl2.

Summary: arch lvl3 > upgrade lab > wb lvl2 > wb lvl3 > upgrade lab (TH7)

Farming: by now you should be looking for dead bases are targeting at least 200k of each gold and elixir per raid. This will allow you to get enough gold and elixir to do your upgrades in a timely manner.

Duration: 2 days – 2 days 3 hours

You should not spend more time than necessary in TH6 because you are so close to TH7 now. Once you are TH7, you may stay there for a slightly longer amount of time (3-7 days) depending on comfort.

Now that you’ve completed the true tutorial, its time to start the early game grind.

Pre-TH7 checklist

TH7+TH8 guide


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