This guide is now obsolete, please read the new guide

Last updated: 7/10/2018

TH6, the second most useless TH ever, only behind TH8. Nothing is offered here, no barch level, expensive and long camp upgrades and no hero to upgrade. You only get 150 space here while you’re defending against 200 space and a hero. There’s no point trying to defend because TH7 will always roflstomp you.

I’ll assume you have 3 builders, I had 4 which helped quite a lot. Make sure you have 1mil gold ready as a new TH6 and hopefully 200k saved up in treasury. Unfortunately, you can’t skip TH6 like that anymore because you need to drop all your new defenses. Unless you have 5 builders ready, you can’t just skip TH6 now. So if don’t have enough builders, just

First priority upgrades:

  1. Lab. Its actually almost useless here, but you’ll want lvl4 barch as soon as possible as a TH7, so that’s why you upgrade it.
  2. Spell factory. One of the only redeeming factors as a TH6, unlocking heal spells will prove to be very helpful on your journey.
  3. All new collectors, walls and traps
  4. All your new defenses (mortar, sweeper, wizard tower, air defense) in any order
  5. Town Hall. That’s what you want the 1.2mil gold for – a direct upgrade of TH and skipping this cesspool of a TH. Once you complete all the above upgrades, start your TH upgrade and use your other builders to work on

Second priority upgrades:

  1. New walls, traps, collectors and defenses. You’ll want all these down and redesign your base into a proper TH6 base, as if that’s going to help at all. Unfortunately now you need to build all these to upgrade your TH
  2. CC. The second and last thing this TH is going to offer that’s good. 20 spaces allow you to fill 4 hogs/loons, 2 valks or 3 bowlers, make use of it and it’ll reward you.
  3. Storages. You’ll want them maxed before being a TH7 Just upgrade them to the highest level you can, not mandatory to max
  4. Barracks. You’ll want at least 1 healer barracks and 2 barracks having wizards. Don’t need to upgrade barracks anymore until TH7 at the very least

Third priority upgrades:

  1. Army camps. Usually army camps are a first priority upgrade, but 2 days and 750k for 5 space is crazy when as a new TH7, you’ll get 30 space for 1 hr and 30k. You can do 1 or 2 camps as a TH6 if your time permits you, but there’s no need to max it because TH7 is much better.
  2. Collectors. Well, you can catch up on your new collectors, but no need to max them. Loot is good and time is of essence.
  3. Defenses. Not important at all, you’ll get thrashed anyway as a maxed TH6 or a new TH7 or a maxed TH7.


You should be doing walls all throughout TH6, save up in between upgrades and spend it all on walls before doing your next upgrade. Almost all upgrades are elixir based, so the extra gold should be pumped towards walls.


Anything you like would do, there really isn’t anything necessary that you need. I personally did wiz lvl3, heal lvl2, zap lvl2, heal lvl3 for a total of 6 days.


You can now graduate to using barch. Learn this strategy well and it can carry you all the way to TH12! The basic concept is simple, a row of barbs followed by a row of archers. Barbs shield for archers while they take out the first layer and hopefully strong enough to hit the layer behind the walls. Looks for bases which offer 150k each or 200k of your desired resource

Recommended stay time: 6 days (all of that in TH upgrade time)

Minimum upgrades: All first priority upgrades, maxed CC, maxed storage capacity


This is what my base looked like when it upgraded to TH7. As you can tell from my tone of this entire guide, I hate TH6 a lot. This is the TH that I felt, the first time round, that defenses are futile and useless. Your defenses tend to defend against your same TH, but in regular matchmaking, only bullies would hit you. Your TH6 base is designed to stop 150 space and lvl3 troops, but your attackers will have 200 space, lvl4 troops and a hero.


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