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Day 320, hog event

This is the only picture of my base for today. Did a few upgrades here including an archer tower and AD. If you notice, these buildings are slowly going to maxed TH8/9 levels. These upgrades are now ridiculous because they only take 2 days (1.5 days with gold pass) which allows a new TH9 to max out their defenses within […]

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Aug 2019 CWL season

7 wars: Total: 18 stars obtained, 13 stars conceded (+5 stars) Won 3, lost 4 I got a 1 star this time because I used electro on an anti-electro base. Could’ve gotten 19-20 stars if I used a power potion and properly attack the base. Unfortunately my clan members are usually much weaker attackers so we didn’t do better, just […]

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Request for clan members for clan games

Just putting the ad here which is valid for the next 48 hours. We are looking for about 5-10 active members for the next clan games, preferably working towards being a strong TH10-12 soon. You MUST contribute to clan games, hopefully getting 5k points. NOTE! You must not have started clan games in your original clan to be eligible We […]

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Day 319, double DE upgrades

Resources overflowing again and I need some DE for BK. Unfortunately this means that I will need to waste all gold and elixir to farm some DE. This is an unfortunate side effect of maxing walls but I rather have this than to be a weak TH10 anyways. The problem of maxing is that I will face this problem multiple […]

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Day 317, do single infernos need a buff?

Spent quite a bit of gold to upgrade air defenses and infernos today. I plan to max out infernos now because it only requires a few levels. Current plan is to bring all 3 infernos to lvl6. Unfortunately infernos really don’t scale well because their charge time is way too long. They nerfed the infernos such that it needs 5.25s […]

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Day 315, one CWL screenshot

Only remembered to take a shot of me destroying an enemy base. This gave me the idea to record all my attacks for the next season. So that you guys can see my hits and my misses. This season I was able to nab 18 out of 21 stars which I will post soon. I also only conceded one 3 […]

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Pre-TH9 Checklist

“Am I ready for TH9?” is one of the most common questions in clash of clans. People would tell you that you should upgrade after you completely max TH8. That is a stupid advice because you waste hundreds of millions of elixir and a ton of time doing so. This serves as a quick checklist for TH8 players when contemplating […]

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Day 313, lab work

Well, got a free research potion from an event so I’m using it. This is used to clear out my builder potion inventory And now, I got 5 more. This season pass is giving 17 free builder potions, which is equivalent to 6.5 days on all 5 builders or a total of 765 hours saved. This is really amazing value […]

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Day 312, 4d chess

Played some 4d chess here. Firstly, I needed some season challenge points but one of the tasks, collect 1.5mil from gold storage cannot be completed by me because my storage is over the limit. However, if I started an expensive upgrade, it would put me below the limit and I could collect my gold mines which I boosted last night. […]

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Day 311, 7th anniversary pack

The 7th Anniversary pack was a complete joke. I didn’t cover it because it was obviously horrendous and ridiculously priced. I was holding out for a pack containing 2-3 book of heroes but this sort of value? No way. For those who want a more in depth explanation on why the packs were complete garbage, here’s the explanation. You usually […]

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Day 310b, Champs!

Split my post because it was getting really long First time reaching champs on this account and I have only started 10 months ago. I could’ve done this achievement about 3 months ago but I was lazy. I don’t get why people in TH8/9 want to suffer so hard just to reach champs, unless they need the gems for the […]

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Day 310a, start of Aug season

Yay, a ton of loot without anyway to spend it. In the past, I would upgrade 10 walls using this loot but now obviously I can’t do that anymore. Now I’m left with 37/37mil with nowhere to spend it. I spent about a week without any means of spending loot, depressing times. Bought the next gold pass and saw that […]

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Pre-TH7 Checklist

This serves as a quick checklist to ensure that you have everything important done before jumping to TH7. If you follow my guides, you would complete more than the list below. All 3 army camps lvl5 (135 space) Lab lvl4 Clan castle lvl3 Spell factory lvl2 All 3 barracks at least lvl2 Barbarians lvl3 Archers upgrading to lvl3 Gold and […]

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Day 308+309, BK 60

This value pack was offered on 30th July right before the 7th Anniversary event started. These packs are really bad because there were very few magic items. I thought that the anniversary pack would be much better so I didn’t bother with these. When the anniversary pack came, it was worse than what we have here, deplorable! Used a book […]