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Creating a Donation Account (how to rush to TH12 asap)

Rushing a TH12 account is crucial because only TH12 can donate and give siege machines. With proper troop upgrades, you can donate a lot of high level troops as well. Making an account like this is highly advantageous for the clan and you have a second account to donate to yourself directly as well, making it very convenient to farm […]

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BH9 Guide (Unlocking the OTTO)

Last updated: Finally, your rush has come to an end, temporarily. The main reason you want to rush so quickly here is to progress in the builder base faster. The […]

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TH12 Upgrade Priority Guide

Since TH12 has been introduced more than a year ago, it has evolved greatly and it has never been easier to be a TH12 now. This guide will try to […]

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TH11 Upgrade Priority Guide

Updated 07 Sept 2019 Try to bring one Rune of elixir into TH11, doesn’t matter if you don’t have one but it is extremely helpful. Alternatively, you can time your […]

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TH10 Upgrade Priority Guide

Updated: 07 Sept 2019 TH10 is the farming heaven of the game as things are cheap and yet your farming becomes much easier than TH1-9. As long as you have […]

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Day 379, weekly update

Changing my schedule slightly now that my base is matured and daily posts will get boring. I am currently working in an extremely busy hospital and fortunately I get one day off per week (unless a disaster happens). I can still try my best and make one post per week on my progress and try my best to write 1-2 […]

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Day 374, book of everything

I’m using a book of everything whenever I have time now to skip days. If I have a good stretch of maybe 1 day before the next builder comes free, I will spend a book. I still have one more book from the previous value pack I bought before the end of the season. Books of everything are really just […]

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Day 373, I hate the builder base

It is so frustrating to play the builder base because of all these 100% draws. The only way I can win is to hope that my enemy makes a mistake and gives me the win. Sometimes when I screw up and didn’t get the 100%, my enemy screws up as well but gets higher % than me. This is the […]

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Day 372, hammer of building

Spent 120 medals and skipped 14 days of my inferno tower upgrade. This is my second maxed inferno and my final one is going to lvl5 now. I plan to farm a little more afterwards and use my book of everything to skip the final one. I aim to complete infernos and air defenses first then focus on other defenses. […]

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Day 370, Oct season pass (Skeleton BK)

Season ending in an hour, I elected to keep one builder free so that I can immediately spend the season bank loot. All the rewards obtained and I only have 15k DE which I cannot claim. Oh well, DE is useless to me anyway. I’m using an army which costs 2.9k DE but somehow my DE is full all the […]

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Day 368, end of Sept events

Cannon upgrades are so quick, I’m upgrading a different cannon every day. These TH9 upgrades are so cheap, even TH10 cannons are stupidly cheap. I remember that TH8 cannons would cost 1.6mil, TH9 cannons would cost 3.2mil and TH10 cannons cost 6.4mil then 7.5mil. Now that growth of the price has been decreased, it is much faster to complete the […]

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Day 367, Sept clan game rewards

Working on my WT to make them lvl10 before upgrading the others to lvl9. Lvl10 gains a lot of stats and are more worthwhile than the lvl9 upgrade. Air defenses are also done for now, they are lvl9 and I plan to upgrade lvl10 with books and hammers. Once air defense is done, I will upgrade bombs using that builder. […]

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Day 364

After the long discussion I wrote yesterday, I bought a builder potion. I needed it otherwise my builder would complete at 2am, not a good time. Its so hard to coordinate builder times so that they complete during the day time. Well, if I put a little more thought and brain it wouldn’t be so hard but I’m just lazy […]

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Day 361, CWL medal math

I figured to speed up my progression to maxed TH12 by spending some of my medals. I previously spent 500 medals or so to buy 30 builder potions before they were nerfed. Now that builder potions are not so worth it, its time to buy a hammer every week until I finish my medals. Each hammer used will reduce the […]

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Hidden Tesla

The hidden tesla (abbreviated to “tesla”) is a defense that is unlocked in TH7. As with its name, it is hidden in the beginning of the battle and only “pops up” under certain conditions. The first way to activate a tesla is to come too close to one. If you are within 6 tiles of a tesla, it activates and […]