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Creating a Donation Account (how to rush to TH12 asap)

Rushing a TH12 account is crucial because only TH12 can donate and give siege machines. With proper troop upgrades, you can donate a lot of high level troops as well. Making an account like this is highly advantageous for the clan and you have a second account to donate to yourself directly as well, making it very convenient to farm […]

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BH9 Guide (Unlocking the OTTO)

Last updated: Finally, your rush has come to an end, temporarily. The main reason you want to rush so quickly here is to progress in the builder base faster. The […]

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TH12 Upgrade Priority Guide

Updated 04 Feb 2020 Since TH12 has been introduced almost 2 years ago, it has evolved greatly and it has never been easier to be a TH12 now. This guide […]

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TH11 Upgrade Priority Guide

Updated 02 Feb 2019 Try to time your TH upgrade with season bank payout, so that you reach TH11 around the time you receive the 25/25mil (or 5/5mil) loot and […]

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TH10 Upgrade Priority Guide

Updated: 07 Sept 2019 TH10 is the farming heaven of the game as things are cheap and yet your farming becomes much easier than TH1-9. As long as you have […]

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SinOfDusk day 68 of TH13

Same old, same old here. I’m constantly capped out on elixir and DE which I cannot spend because SC artificially limits our progress. Whenever SC is ready, they will release another 100 walls which I could’ve completed if they had released it in the beginning. One solution I’ve proposed before is that there is a “soft level cap” and a […]

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Day 496, wizards need a rebalance

What TH level do you expect the above upgrade to be? Its actually a TH9 upgrade and you can see how full the bar is at TH9. The only reason I’m upgrading him right now is because I am using siege barracks fairly frequently and I need them to take down a few defenses behind walls. Its so depressing that […]

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Day 490, Feb 2020 CWL season

Did a hog upgrade so that I can use hog miners while pushing and in war. Unfortunately I still have lvl4 wizards and lvl1 baby which I found to be a great impediment in my raids, I think it might be better to not bring these clean up or funneling troops in favor of more hogs/miners which can be used […]

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Day 488, AD spam

Air defense growth is quite lackluster but that’s the only long upgrade I have left besides WT which are lower leveled. The only thing that helps with TH13 defense is the scattershot but that does nothing to edrags. AD could easily go to 500 dps while edrag, drag and hounds get greater hp boosts. Book. Hammer. Then the 3rd and […]

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SinOfDusk day 62 of TH13

Started my day good with a 4 hour research boost. Luckily I got all these for free because they cost the same as a hammer which would instantly complete the upgrade! A 4 hour boost merely skips 36 hours of an upgrade which is a real bad deal considering that these research potions came from 2 months’ worth of free […]

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Day 487, is Titan league good?

I’m now in mid titans slowly climbing to Legends. Has Titans treated me kindly? Getting 3 stars here is ridiculously easy, though harder than in Masters. Heroes sometimes survive raids so that I can raid twice per login. Loot here is pretty terrible unless I want to press next a lot, even then I generally only can find 500-600k bases. […]

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Day 475

Wow, lvl17 archer towers are so amazingly bad. I don’t understand why SC wants to have 2 levels of cannons and AT each and every single TH level. This makes these defenses really bloated, not only they have the greatest amount, they also have the most amount of levels. Their growth are deplorable despite so many levels. In fact, it […]

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SinOfDusk Day 58 of TH13

I still can’t get rid of my elixir and DE because the only way to spend it now is via my army. I am actually donating all witches to my clan’s cwl cc but it seems like my DE cannot deplete. I hope that I can drain it off so that I can farm and fill my season bank. This […]

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Day 473, low levels in high leagues

This is now one day after maxing heroes and I’m nearly reaching titans for the first time for this account. Honestly, I don’t understand why people want to climb as a low level. There’s no additional reward for climbing and thankfully there isn’t. Being a high level makes climbing so easy that I wonder why do people want to do […]

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Day 472, heroes maxed!

TH12 guide updated! Please go and have a view below: TH12 upgrade priority guide Yet again, I have maxed my heroes on this account. This is the third time it has happened and I’m relieved. Now I can do whatever I like and still farm enough for defenses. Despite having good strength increase and some decent iron fist boost in […]

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SinOfDusk day 55 of TH13

Got the 25mil/25mil so I need to spend the gold. This amount of loot is now a little lacking compared to TH12, maybe we should allow higher TH levels to get more per season pass, that would encourage more rushing right? Hammer to xbow first and now all 4 of my xbows are maxed. +20 dps may seem good, but […]

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Day 471, Feb gold pass

And my first mistake this season: I got my season bank loot and immediately blew 280k into bowlers and bringing them to max. The problem here was that I didn’t wait for the 10% discount which was actually achievable for me on day one. Given that, I wasted 28k DE which could’ve been spent on my BK to max him […]

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Day 490, BK lvl69

TH11 guide has been updated, please do read it if you are interested. TH11 upgrade priority guide At this point of time, I changed my final hero upgrading strategy. I chose to keep BK awake and just book his final level as soon as I get the DE. I plan to spend season bank loot wisely along with the books […]

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SinOfDusk day 52 of TH13

Busy working on lab again on main account. I need to use my last book of spells here to complete my final spell upgrade. Used another book here to get my siege barracks to lvl3 because its my final troop left to upgrade. I must then wait almost 13 days to complete the final level of siege barracks and that […]

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Day 486, spam lab upgrades

Used a hammer to max out yeti so that I have the choice to use them in CWL. I highly doubt any more of my upgrades would make crushing TH12 easier, its really sad that SC is so bad at balancing that maxed TH13 still need planning to crush their lower level. The gap between TH levels are getting smaller […]

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SinOfDusk Day 49 of TH13

Hammer used to skip the more expensive and longest upgrade I have which is a wizard tower. I am keeping a few WT and tesla upgrades which I will do after all other defenses are done. Doing that will allow me to use books if I get any. Approaching legends on this account so that I eventually don’t lose loot […]