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Creating a Donation Account (how to rush to TH12 asap)

Rushing a TH12 account is crucial because only TH12 can donate and give siege machines. With proper troop upgrades, you can donate a lot of high level troops as well. Making an account like this is highly advantageous for the clan and you have a second account to donate to yourself directly as well, making it very convenient to farm […]

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BH9 Guide (Unlocking the OTTO)

Last updated: Finally, your rush has come to an end, temporarily. The main reason you want to rush so quickly here is to progress in the builder base faster. The […]

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TH12 Upgrade Priority Guide

Since TH12 has been introduced more than a year ago, it has evolved greatly and it has never been easier to be a TH12 now. This guide will try to […]

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TH11 Upgrade Priority Guide

Updated 07 Sept 2019 Try to bring one Rune of elixir into TH11, doesn’t matter if you don’t have one but it is extremely helpful. Alternatively, you can time your […]

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TH10 Upgrade Priority Guide

Updated: 07 Sept 2019 TH10 is the farming heaven of the game as things are cheap and yet your farming becomes much easier than TH1-9. As long as you have […]

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SinOfDusk Day 1 of TH13

I was very unfortunate that TH13 arrived during my doctor’s appointment and I couldn’t jump straight into it. I also didn’t check reddit or anything so I didn’t know the update dropped until 1 hour afterwards! Nonetheless, I tried my best to download the update (130+ mb) with my super slow data connection in an old building probably made of […]

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Preliminary TH13 Upgrade Priority Guide

The TH13 patch notes have been revealed along with a video, the only thing missing right now is the final release date. Because all the stats and prices of the new stuff has been released, we can now make an informed decision on how to prioritize our upgrades. Link to dev video + patch notes: Fortunately or unfortunately, most […]

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Day 432, pre-TH13 planning

I did two pretty risky upgrades today but I didn’t want to waste time on my builder and lab. Right now, we still don’t know when TH13 will be released and for the purposes of TH13, I want all 6 builders and my lab available on day 1 if possible. The winter jam event will finish on the 9th of […]

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Day 429, losing some to gain more

Sometimes in chess and in life, you need to give up something to get something else. Here, I sacrifice 3.5mil gold to save some time on my wizard tower. Upgrade cancelled. Now I start my intended upgrade which is a wizard tower. Why did I do this sequence? I did this to claim a 10% discount for my wizard tower. […]

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Day 428, santa king

Finally completed this event with lvl1 valks. I just used my regular bowitch army and bringing 2 valks + cc maxed valks to complete the event. I forgotten to take a picture of my attack logs and the event has finished so you guys don’t need to know what I used. People used to argue that rushing is terrible because […]

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Day 427, dragons maxed

I just did a recount and realised that I only have 2 books of fighting. If I used both books on dragons, I would not have one spare book for TH13. I thought for a while (5 minutes), then decided to use both books anyway because I would think that resources would be quite tight initially as a new TH13. […]

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TH13: Siege barracks

The second thing about TH13 has been announced and it is the siege barracks. Here’s the official announcement: Here’s some gameplay of the siege barracks: Below are its speculated stats: It is basically a spawner unit, forgo-ing breaking walls and dealing damage to spawn about 70 capacity of pekkas and wizards. You can drop this siege machine at the […]

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TH13: Introducing the Giga inferno

If you haven’t seen it yet, please to watch the text and video in the Supercell forum: The first thing I must address is the poorly worded sentence: “In order to upgrade to Town Hall 13, you will have needed to fully upgrade your Town Hall 12 – including the Giga Tesla”. Darian has since clarified that the only […]

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Day 424, builder oopsie

With the winter jam event is in full swing, everyone is enjoying their half priced walls, except me of course. I’m struggling with nothing to do because my loot is constantly full. I’m seriously looking forward to TH13 so that I can start farming and progressing again. Made a serious mistake here, probably because I didn’t check my builder plan […]

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Day 423, winter jam event

Half gold cost for all upgrades. Many people who were lazy are now farming walls at double speed because of the event, and as usual, the maxed players can only watch. I wonder why low levels keep complaining that they don’t get enough content. Most importantly, the picture shows something quite interesting in the background. Is that the new TH13? […]

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TH13 speculation

Time to speculate on what TH13 will bring to this game. While I am pretty hyped up for the update, I am trying my best to temper my expectations because I have been pretty disappointed since the introduction of TH11. My main gripe is not the extra grind or anything, but rather the stagnant growth since TH10/11. This is why […]