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Journal Entries 1

Day 239, legend league rework

Bowlers will be max tomorrow, not sure what I upgraded next. Probably witches or bat spell Just upgraded BK today, going to lvl41 now. Workshop going to lvl3 now, so I was wrong yesterday. DE is so abundant that I can upgrade BK today and start a DE upgrade tomorrow Ah, operation blue skies, the update that made me laugh […]

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Day 237, million dollar raid

Starting out by showing off my good loot raid. I was using goblins to drop trophies I think, came across this and mentally kicked myself for not having barch. Was still able to get most of the loot which was fine. Seriously, having maxed heroes are such a great boon, can’t wait for max them out again and use OP […]

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Day 236, thoughts on 6th builder

All 5 builders busy and I have no real place to put my farmed loot. Looking at my current base now and this picture (almost 1 month ago), I realised that I upgraded a shit ton of walls. This is because I farm loot way faster than I can spend it, so much so that sometimes I have free time […]

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Day 235, thoughts on BH9

Nothing much here on my base, just finishing my last few gold mines. DE tank is half capacity and BK is nowhere near done, farming is easier than ever right now. It might get tougher after the update for a while but usually it will resolve quite quickly. Lvl11: 45*9 = 405mil 165*5 = 825mil Total wall cost = 1.23bil […]

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Day 234, BK to lvl40

If I were a TH10, I would say that my BK is nearly maxed, not knowing that I’m less than halfway done. He’s going to lvl39 in this pic and I used a book of heroes here I don’t understand most people in reddit and the forums really, you are not “done” until you have lvl60 heroes. This accomplishment is […]

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Day 233, Gladiator queen

Hopefully the update drops soon because I have been overflowing DE for the last month. This account will take heroes slowly while I grind out SinOfDusk and MiniSin first, nonetheless I would expect myself maxing AQ and warden again within 3-4 weeks. This picture was taken on 16th of May and I completed the entire list now. It is almost […]

Journal Entries 8

Day 232, thoughts on balance changes

Woohoo! Finally done with my thesis and I can finally write blog posts. The last 168 hours have been crazy and I have barely gotten 15 hours of sleep. Not much progress in my base at this time. After maxing AQ and warden, everything else is just slow upgrading with not much impact. Good thing SC is adding 5 new […]

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Day 231, thoughts on research potion

Upgrading all my gold storages now, I need the 12mil storage to upgrade giga tesla to max which is probably the single biggest defense upgrade in TH12. Unfortunately upgrading eagle is only decreasing its utility because it takes more troops to start it. Eagle is already half useless because it only fires once or twice before it is taken down. […]

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Day 228, attack/defense logs

Wall progress going ok right now. With the 20% discount and free 50mil per season, it is now pretty easy to do a ton of walls. I’m very confident that I can max walls in the next few months. I’m only now upgrading my gold storages which is a little late. With the gold pass, there is actually no reason […]

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Day 227, no pictures

I only have 3 pictures of today, one showing me using book of building on barracks. Besides any 14 day upgrades, book of buildings are best spent on barracks upgrades. If your barracks are still low leveled (<11), then you should use your book of buildings on more expensive upgrades. Usually, the most time-consuming upgrade in each town hall level […]

Journal Entries 7

CWL showcase – May 2019

This is to showcase how TinySin did in CWL last month. 7 pictures of my base showing how many stars I dealt and how many I conceded: Conceded only 17 stars despite having crap defenses, you guys should know how my defenses look like. I don’t even have maxed giga tesla at this point of time and yet I was […]

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Day 225+226, warden finally maxed

First two pics showing me maxing my warden was taken on 8th of May, while the following pics were taken on the next day because I forgotten to take more pictures on the 8th Upgrade to lvl30? Yes yes yes! I can’t wait either, so he’s now maxed. With a 70% boost to my barch army, it allows me to […]

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Day 224, penultimate level of warden

Book of everything on warden? Alright Warden is now level 29 who can give 69% health to my troops. This is actually good enough because the only thing lvl30 gives is the extra 0.5s protection effect. Honestly, these buffs shouldn’t be linear but rather mildly exponential. In fact every aspect of this game should be mildly exponential otherwise its just […]

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Day 222, warden lvl28

After just 3 days in this new season, I have attained the 15% discount to builders. This is important because now I can assume that I will always get a 15% discount to all my stuff regardless of when the new season rolls over. In the future, I will use this assumption to calculate how expensive and how long it […]

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Day 221, tons of logs

Just going to show off all the upgrades I’ll be doing first. Book of buildings is usually only worth it for 14 day upgrades, but upgrading barracks mean I farm slower which is worse. This is why besides using them on 14 day upgrades, using BoB on barracks (at least for the last 2 levels) is quite worth it. I’m […]