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TH13 Upgrade Priority Guide

Last updated 01 Mar 2020 When to upgrade to TH13 is one of the most common questions I receive. After doing the math and personal experience, I think that you […]

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Creating a Donation Account (how to rush to TH12 asap)

Rushing a TH12 account is crucial because only TH12 can donate and give siege machines. With proper troop upgrades, you can donate a lot of high level troops as well. Making an account like this is highly advantageous for the clan and you have a second account to donate to yourself directly as well, making it very convenient to farm […]

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BH9 Guide (Unlocking the OTTO)

Last updated: Finally, your rush has come to an end, temporarily. The main reason you want to rush so quickly here is to progress in the builder base faster. The […]

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TH12 Upgrade Priority Guide

Updated 04 Feb 2020 Since TH12 has been introduced almost 2 years ago, it has evolved greatly and it has never been easier to be a TH12 now. This guide […]

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TH11 Upgrade Priority Guide

Updated 02 Feb 2020 Try to time your TH upgrade with season bank payout, so that you reach TH11 around the time you receive the 25/25mil (or 5/5mil) loot and […]

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TH10 Upgrade Priority Guide

Updated: 07 Sept 2019 TH10 is the farming heaven of the game as things are cheap and yet your farming becomes much easier than TH1-9. As long as you have […]

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Day 593, finally maxed

Start date: 26th Sept 2018 End date: 21st May 2020 Total time: 604 days – 1 year 7 months 26 days I didn’t post this as soon as I maxed, probably should have but I have lost interest in the game. People who have been reading my daily blogs would’ve picked it up easily because of my negativity which bled […]

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Day 589, final building

2 free builder potions, no-brainer here Traps gain a decent 22% growth which is actually just used to counter regular WB. For all normal usage, they are pretty useless. For 12v13, these trap upgrades do nothing. Hammered my siege barracks to max. Used my two book of spells to max out my earthquake spell which was the main reason why […]

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Day 586, special offers

Free 50 gems from shovel of obstacles. I didn’t buy the research potion but I realised that it was discounted at 50 gems. At that price point, it was actually a good deal because usually BoF is 925 gems which can skip maximum 18 days (usually less) while the research potion can skip 1 day in less than 1/18 the […]

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Day 583, May 2020 CWL

Our clan did really well the last season and we are now getting promoted to Masters 2 for the next season! I’m quite proud of what my clan has achieved this season because it took quite a bit of team work and definitely a lot of upgrading behind the scenes to be able to push to M2. The next challenge […]

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Day 582, maxed BH buildings

Finally maxed out my defenses in BH9 and now I have walls remaining. I think I still need 1-2 months before I can max out my walls. Nothing much here since I’m not interested in pushing the BH. Used a book here to skip 11 days of siege barracks upgrade. I could’ve used a book for the lvl4 upgrade but […]

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Day 578, the trap grind

Took these pictures 3 days prior: 5% increase to archer towers which is comical. I know they want to add 2 levels of archer towers, but they can easily be a 15% increase for a total of 30% increase. In fact, every defense should get a 30% increase to both hp and dps. That would at least make TH13 slightly […]

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Day 571, April Clan game rewards

Valks lvl7 are a decent upgrade, with a proper 20% increase in hp but less than 10% increase in dps. With electro dragons, valks in their current stats are completely unusable because people space out their buildings. Honestly, the only way to buff them now is to give them 1/3 the stats of pekkas (probably more than that) and their […]

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Day 570, end of April season

Almost end of season so I need to claim all season pass rewards. Two events going on and I need to make 30 raids in 4 days to gain 40 gems. I will try but I don’t think I’ll make it. This is my bowitch yeti army. I use 3 rage, 1 heal, 1 jump and 1 freeze. I bring […]

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Day 568, boring day

Base looks exactly the same. I’m just grinding the last few upgrades and I’ll be done. Upgrades ongoing here. The problem of TH12-13 upgrades is that I’m just waiting for time to pass and getting very minimal improvement. Unlike many other games, clash does not make progression fun towards the end. In the beginning, it is extremely exhilarating because you […]

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Day 565

Hammered another mortar here, nothing exciting. Upgraded my low level bomb, if only everything grows like this right? 33% increase is just the right amount of power you need every single level to notice its increase in strength. This comment I made in reddit got a ton of upvotes because of how true it is “The noob days (TH1-9) was […]

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Day 564

100 gems from donating 2000 spells, I’ll take it. As my defenses are completing soon, the theme of defenses start to match the color scheme of walls. We need full lvl14 walls now so that defenses are more pretty. Growth is pretty bad anyway, so What should TH13 get now? I would say a new level of army camps, each […]

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Day 562, lvl6 valks

Final level mortar is just another 10% increase which does nothing obviously. Mortars were already one of the weaker defenses, so a new level would do nothing really. Given that scattershots attack much faster and have 4x the dps, this is an obsolete defense. They should at least buff it and barch so that both remain viable. Another level of […]

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Day 560

I only need to farm gold right now, so using a bowitch army makes sense so that I can get 1.5-2mil gold per login without caring about elixir and DE. If I need to farm at least 2 resources, then I’ll go back to barch. Started an air bomb here to fill in the 4 day gap between two mortars. […]