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Day 219

Sorry, being too busy these days. I’m doing my thesis write up along with its corresponding presentations as well as writing cover letters for job applications. Expect my posts to be erratic as I get whatever free time to write these blog posts Anyway, I’m quite keen to get this month’s gold pass reward especially with AQ’s skin. The quests […]

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Day 218, AQ is maxed, time for new season pass

While I still have the season pass active, I will use the 20% discount to upgrade wallbreakers in lab. They are one of the best upgrades for TH12 since everything else doesn’t grow well enough. At least I can break TH9 walls more easily now. Luckily I managed to start this upgrade before they dole out the season bank rewards… […]

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Day 217, AQ lvl59

This picture was taken on 30th April and I finally upgraded my AQ to lvl59. Tomorrow I will receive my season bank and would have enough to upgrade AQ again. I can finally consider my AQ done, all without using dumb hammers that people use. Hammer of heroes are the worst thing in the enitre league shop but somehow people […]

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Day 216, halfway to 59

DE only at 126k right now, let’s see the effort it took me to bring me to this level At least these raids show that miners can farm DE faster than barch but still haemorrhaging elixir. These raids show that I farmed 31k DE in about 1.25 hours but my elixir never went up. 31k/1.25h = ~25k/hour which is barely […]

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Day 215, AQ to lvl58

Ok, I’m going to cheat a little here… After having 200k DE, I’m just going to gem her a little to bring her to lvl57 And use a book of everything to get her to lvl58 immediately. This means I will have her available to farm the last 1-2 levels. Now I only need 190k to get her to lvl59 […]

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Day 214, the mad dash begins

Oh no, only 4 days and 9 hours left and I need to grind my AQ at least to lvl59. What is her level right now? Shit, almost 560k DE required in 4 days Just a quick pic to show my progress right now. Next builder coming free in 4 hours, so I need to farm 50k DE in about […]

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Day 212, lots of lab upgrades

Time to do a ton of lab upgrades now that I have my lab free. It was upgrading bowlers to lvl3 previously. First upgrade, electro dragons and I will use a book here Then I buy the second most efficient thing in the league shop Now I have maxed electro loon which is a maxed war army for TH12. This […]

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Day 210, back from vacation

Ah, finally from a 5 day vacation which was a great relief from work. Working a 70-80 hour work week is real crazy and I constantly still have work to do at home. Now hopefully I have recharged and can work harder as well as play harder. Warden is only going to lvl23 right now which actually reminds me that […]

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Day 209, AQ to lvl55

Finished clan games and my clan was able to easily clear it. The choices are pretty simple, gems and magic items all the way. Rune is pretty much useless because everything is now so cheap and easy to upgrade. Books are so much better here TinySin, 4k points 🙂 Another 173k DE down into AQ and another book used Another […]

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Day 207

Lots of rewards stacked up in the season pass, mostly magic items and loot there. Need to farm hard for the next level of AQ, no upgrades done today actually. I still need almost 1.1mil DE to upgrade queen to max and time is ticking. If I can’t finish AQ before the season pass ends, I will need to farm […]

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Day 206, another level of AQ

Since my posts are now about a week behind my actual progress, I will not post every day. In the past if I forgotten to take a picture of my base, I will compensate and just keep posting. That’s why you see sometimes it goes from day 175 to 177, skipping a day. This makes my posts closer to my […]

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Day 203, finishing season challenges

After a short 13 day grind, I have completed the entire list of challenges and now don’t need to do any more quests that I don’t want to do. I think its fairly important to rush through the quests up till the 15% discounts, after that you can really take time to finish all the remaining quests. It takes only […]

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Day 202, insane buff to builder potions

Since there isn’t much to show today, I will talk about builder potions and how they have been buffed beyond everything else in the league shop. This is mainly because hammers have been nerfed by 30-40% with the recent gold pass. To refresh, builder potions speed up builders by 10x for 1 hour, this allows 9 extra hours of work […]

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Day 201, day 2 of TH12

Started my next lab upgrade, bowlers are now level 3 and my healers are going to max right now. It seems that I’m running out of good lab upgrades now so I will need to upgrade it soon enough. Lab only takes a few days so I would want to start the upgrade before these 11 days are up. Getting […]