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Day 252

Overflowing DE is painful. Nothing really to show here, just another day of upgrading. Actually nothing changed since yesterday. I chose to upgrade xbows because their growth is actually really good, from 50 dps at lvl1 to 155 at lvl6. Teslas are a good surprise which I am upgrading as I have the time Attack log: Writing and recording the […]

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Day 251, TH12 crows

The title of this post is for the google search algorithm. Below is a CoC link which will copy this base. Please do use this base if you like it, trust me, it really defends well. Defense log: Just look at how little loot I actually lose despite having such weak defenses. Even those TH11/12 with strong armies can’t really […]

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June 2019 update, day 3

I stayed up till 1.30am one night just because I grew addicted to single player. Since loot isn’t that good from 8pm to 3am, I elected to do single player instead so that I could continue playing and it lead me down a deep rabbit hole. I actually never played the new 50 single player maps because I wanted to […]

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Day 246, May clan game rewards

Just realised that my base is now 8 months old. With 43/60/30 heroes at 8 months, I think I’ve done pretty good progress. Working on teslas now Someone asked me why is my current base not upgrading teslas. This is because I upgrade stuff based on time to completion, not their relative importance or anything. If I have an upgrade […]

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Day 244, two levels of BK

With a low level BK like this, I can upgrade BK twice easily with full DE storage. 240k storage and the next level costs 138.4k Collect DE from the gold pass and my treasury storage. Used a book and I could upgrade BK again, then I spent all my DE to upgrade BK to lvl43. Almost halfway done with BK […]

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June 2019 update, day 2

I cheated. Bought and used a hammer of heroes because builder potions would be useless after I maxed my AQ. Using builder potions to speed up mortars doesn’t seem too worth it so I’m basically using builder potions to speed up heroes only. I also have AQ at lvl64 already so skipping one level to get her maxed was really […]

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Day 242, legendary whiners

While reddit is talking about research potions, we have gems in the forums whining about legends. The entire system was explained by the videos, FAQ etc yet people were caught off guard and were unable to drop out of legends. People are complaining about loot, not enough attacks, being too weak This is the greatest gem I’ve found in the […]

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June 2019 update, day 1

Time to stretch my farming muscles again and max my heroes. How fast would it take to get 65/65/40 heroes, I wonder? No joke, this post was delayed because I spent my entire day farming. (And no joke that SC had to force a maintenance break for me to stop playing the game) I just finished my thesis about 2 […]

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Day 240, first day of the June update

This picture obviously wasn’t taken on 18th of June, but rather one month ago. Stay tuned for an update to my progress on the first day of the update. The progress will follow SinOfDusk who is farming full speed ahead to max heroes asap. I don’t know anything much about the update except that I need to farm hard to […]

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Day 239, legend league rework

Bowlers will be max tomorrow, not sure what I upgraded next. Probably witches or bat spell Just upgraded BK today, going to lvl41 now. Workshop going to lvl3 now, so I was wrong yesterday. DE is so abundant that I can upgrade BK today and start a DE upgrade tomorrow Ah, operation blue skies, the update that made me laugh […]

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Day 237, million dollar raid

Starting out by showing off my good loot raid. I was using goblins to drop trophies I think, came across this and mentally kicked myself for not having barch. Was still able to get most of the loot which was fine. Seriously, having maxed heroes are such a great boon, can’t wait for max them out again and use OP […]

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Day 236, thoughts on 6th builder

All 5 builders busy and I have no real place to put my farmed loot. Looking at my current base now and this picture (almost 1 month ago), I realised that I upgraded a shit ton of walls. This is because I farm loot way faster than I can spend it, so much so that sometimes I have free time […]

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Day 235, thoughts on BH9

Nothing much here on my base, just finishing my last few gold mines. DE tank is half capacity and BK is nowhere near done, farming is easier than ever right now. It might get tougher after the update for a while but usually it will resolve quite quickly. Lvl11: 45*9 = 405mil 165*5 = 825mil Total wall cost = 1.23bil […]