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SinOfDusk day 42 of TH13

This is one of my longest upgrades which cost 17 days without discount, I plan to use a book here More magic items to follow: Used a rune here to upgrade another building after spending all my gold on an air defense. Its funny how the biggest increase to bowlers for lvl5 is its cost! I don’t understand why SC […]

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Day 475, RC lvl19

Bought a BoH because I want to use it today. Bought a hammer using the medals I won this month to upgrade loons to max. Currently almost all of my previously maxed TH12 troops and now nearly maxed TH13. I still have wizards, giants, baby drags, lightning, clone, minions, valks, golems and lava hounds underleveled. Having a ton of low […]

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SinOfDusk day 39 of TH13

With my main account, I was able to farm enough gold to fully utilize the book of building to skip a 13+ day upgrade. I only need another 2 months before I am maxed so I’m quite looking forward to that. Hopefully SC will be ready with their endgame content, but I don’t really know if I will like it. […]

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Changing tides of rushing?

Despite the amount of idiots we find in reddit and the game in general, I do think that we have made some significant ground and people are seeing how good rushing is. These days, most people will recommend upgrading their TH once a resource is maxed which is a great leap forward. In the past, Most of you may not […]

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Confused with new prices

Relocation Expert/Elixir Mixer/Golden Speed/Dark Star Now that I’m working in Australia and changed my location, the prices have been changed to Aus Dollars (AUD) which is generally 3x the exchange rate of Malaysian Ringgit (MYR). Given that things cost $1.49/$4.49/$7.79, I’m confused with their actual cost in MYR and USD. In general, I think things are more expensive now that […]

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Day 473, starting the BK grind

Now that I have all other heroes maxed or nearly done, its time to focus on my 4th strongest hero. SC is seriously trying to buff the BK because people are neglecting him because his 5 levels gain the most stats among all other heroes, but being just a beater isn’t special enough to make him superior to other heroes. […]

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Day 470, maxed warden!

Boosted builders so that I can spend my overflowing gold. I have two builders completing their upgrade at the same time so I need to find a way to keep them busy again. This is when I’m really happy that I rushed because most of my upgrades cost only 8mil so I just need to choose two upgrades which take […]

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SinOfDusk week 5 of TH13

I’ve destroyed 40 scattershots so far and I still have no idea how to really deal with them. I just rage and freeze them so far and that’s how most are destroyed. I guess its a troop issue, they will just tear through hogs, barbs, loons and miners which means these troops are much harder to use in TH13 which […]

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Day 469, Jan CWL

Managed to spend a book of building here by upgrading a scattershot. Book of building is much easier to use on this account because I have so many low level stuff which don’t cost my entire gold storage. This is seriously a major advantage for this account. I’m actually only about 6 months to maxed TH13 and I only need […]

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Day 468, lose some to gain more

Having cheap upgrades is good for one thing. Sometimes the season pass asks you to start multiple upgrades which can be pretty annoying for a maxer. (It is very annoying for my main account) But with this account, I can do this, cancel and gain the necessary points. Normally, doing this is not entirely worth it for just some points. […]

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Day 466-467, being busy

I apologize for the long delay between posts, I have been extremely busy this past week settling down in my new workplace and the long orientation sessions. After this week, I should be able to settle down to a regular work hour and post regularly. I will try to make at least one post per day this week. Since I […]

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Day 463, changing hero upgrade strategy

With enough DE to upgrade RC, I decided to gem her since I still needed to wait 3 days to spend my DE. Spent all my elixir and a book to upgrade my warden. Having him is pretty much essential for TH13 so I decided not to keep him upgraded anymore and just spend books to skip his upgrade time. […]

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SinOfDusk day 26-28 of TH13

Bought and used a hammer of building. Now that I have most of my heroes maxed, buying builder potions is not worth it. Attack log is attached later in the post. I farmed on average 30-40k DE per hour unboosted with just simple barch. Its all about knowing how the army works. The profit margin of barch is just insane […]

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Day 460, elixir spending spree

After looking at the price, I felt that the upgrade is not worth it because I still haven’t claimed the 10% discount. I actually spent 100 gems here to skip the wait and grind for the extra points. The only easy task I had was to kill 1000 hero levels and I didn’t have the time. Good use of gems? […]

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SinOfDusk day 25 of TH13

Saw this offer from the trader and decided to buy it, it would save me around 200-300 gems this way. I gemmed by RC first because it would only cost 387 gems, using a BoH here would be dumb and a waste of gems. RC going to lvl15 and now she can destroy a more defenses when she using her […]

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Day 459, mistakes were made

First thing I did with my season bank loot was to spend it on AQ. I didn’t get the 10% discount because I was busy on my main account, the curse of being a mini. With AQ maxed, I can now put my DE in RC and BK until they are both maxed. I then made the mistake of spending […]