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Day 200, TH12!

Timely! Got to TH12 after playing the game for 200 days. Its not probably not exact as I might have made a few calculation mistakes but it should be close enough. I wonder if people can even reach mid-maxed TH9 as maxers in 200 days of starting the game, its probably impossible. Finally, the last town hall. Its like reaching […]

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Day 199, wrapping up TH11

Ah, finally maxed storages and I’m all prepared for TH12. I have a 15% discount on everything in TH12 with the golden pass and I will abuse it to upgrade all the expensive stuff. I plan to upgrade two heroes (queen + warden), dark elixir storage, the new 5th tesla and something else. I will not build siege workshop yet […]

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Day 194, defense logs

Still waiting for the TH upgrade, nothing really happening here. I’m upgrading collectors now because of the huge discount they got and these are definitely more worthwhile than upgrading any defense. 6 days to go for the town hall and 4 days for BK. I’ve decided not to upgrade BK again and will let my DE overflow Walls: Lvl11: 110*4mil […]

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Day 193, short upgrades while waiting for TH12

Just another day of upgrading, lots of short upgrades and sometimes I forget to take a picture of my base. It gets annoying sometimes, trying to remember that. Anyway, I’m maxing my final gold storage after it has gotten its discount, can’t say no to extra gold. Bk going to lvl35 now and my de is going to explode before […]

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Day 191, discounts on everything

Its crazy that everything has become cheaper and there was a further discount in the gold pass. In my impression, I only thought the builder discount only included gold/elixir. I never thought that hero DE cost and walls would become cheaper! I also somehow didn’t think that builder upgrade timers were buffed too! It was crazy when I found out […]

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Day 189, 2 upgrades in the lab

Started and completed balloons in the lab. I was really debating between this or healers but I figured that I would use balloons more often due to electro while healers are only good for QW. Healers are only in the discussion because they take a longer time to complete so I would essentially save more time by upgrading healers. Oh […]

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Day 186, finally started the upgrade to TH12

Town hall finally upgrading, about 2 weeks late. To be fair to myself, I never really planned to use so many books to finish AQ and warden so quickly, that act even surprised myself. At the very least, I will reach TH12 after season pass has started and after the massive cost reductions to collectors. I will be able to […]

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Day 184, the forgotten hero

I’m not talking about some unsung war hero who was never celebrated here, I’m talking about the barbarian king. Unfortunately due to his design, he will always be relegated to be a beatstick with no real role in attacks. Being a glorified pekka with an ability, he is the 3rd best hero in the game. He isn’t weak, he is […]

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Day 183, lvl20 warden

The final level, for now And definitely using this. I actually didn’t knew that SC will give us ANOTHER book because they delayed the update by a day but I didn’t care. Having no books was better as now I have a maxed warden (for now). Now my barch will be supercharged, if I’m attacking a whale base my barbs […]

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Day 182, farming 10mil elixir

Well, after getting my book of heroes I will need to use it up. Time to farm 10mil elixir to finish my warden for now. I made a mistake here, namely that I didn’t upgrade to TH12 asap, my town hall isn’t even upgrading! If I at least started my TH12 upgrade now, I would have less aq and warden […]

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Day 180, lvl17 warden

Just got enough elixir for my next warden level, he’s upgrading to lvl18 now. That means he just needs another 20mil to go, that’s exciting. Once warden is maxed, my barch will get an effective 50% hp boost, that brings the buffed barbs’ health to 320 which is insane considering that they used to only have 180 hp for TH11 […]

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Day 179, enjoying the fruits of my labor

Sorry for not posting yesterday, look forward to another post later. Been using my maxed (for now) AQ for a day and it really is fun. Getting 50% is really easy now and I’m earning more loot because of that. AQ can also sometimes snipe some collectors that barch is not strong enough to get. Now its the warden’s turn, […]

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Day 178, maxed AQ!

Finally farmed enough DE to upgrade AQ AQ maxed! She’s maxed! Now I can use her in every raid I do and she will help me get extra loot every raid with barch. She’s also almost 80% as strong as lvl60 AQ, that’s very strong and the small increases afterwards will not matter much anymore. The mistake many people do […]