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Journal Entries 2

Day 348, hogs to lvl4

Sigh, loot is full again despite just upgraded some stuff. I usually store a ton of clan war and daily star bonus loot and collect it whenever I do a few major upgrades. This allows me to raid <4 times a day and still keep my builders busy which makes things way too easy. Even when dealing with major losses […]

Journal Entries 2

Day 347, upgrading multi mortar

I’m currently upgrading my multi mortar in preparation of my mortar gear up. It needs to be lvl8 for this and my regular mortar in my home base has to be lvl8 as well so I’m upgrading both. According to this, I will need to do 3 more gear ups and a few more BM levels. I will use books […]

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Battle boost/spelling champ/brawl brew/intense fence

They don’t have a common theme so I’m just going to name the title using the four packs and that might help with the google search algorithm. Time to analyze these new packs. This post will replace today’s journal entry so stay tuned for TinySin’s progress tomorrow. In short, only the middle two packs are anywhere decent, but far from […]

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Day 345, BM to lvl25

Managed to farm enough to upgrade BM to lvl25, now I just need to farm enough for the next 3 levels before I can use runes and books to complete him. Also, I don’t quite like this design and my other account’s bases aren’t too good too. Does anyone have any suggestion on which base to use? The last few […]

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Day 343, misconceptions of rushing

One of my very first posts in this blog was “Misconceptions of Rushing“. Looking at the post today, it is still very relevant and I can in fact lengthen the list and make even better arguments for rushing while dispelling even more myths. With some maxers trying to “debunk” me giving really outdated arguments, some even more than 5 years […]

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Day 341, CWL ranters

The beginning of the month is always the best for me because I can read and enjoy the tears of players who do not understand the CWL system. The system rewards progression much more than skill so being a skillful TH9 is useless because it is a weak base. (Read: Four pillars of clash) Many players especially in reddit don’t […]

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Day 340, Sept season start

Yay, free loot! Some people complained about free loot in the forums and reddit alike. For those who don’t know, you have something called the “loot cap” where you cannot lose more loot from your storages after a certain amount. At TH11/12, your loot cap is 4.5mil. This means you will lose maximum amount of loot from your storage after […]

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Day 338, failed clan games

Had a small break from upgrading my BM because I want to unlock super pekkas on this account. I never bothered to upgrade my barracks because I was lazy. Drop ship minions, while being a really good army, does fall flat at higher leagues. In preparation of that, I want to start working on super pekkas so that I can […]

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Day 337, pekkas to lvl5

I am halfway done with my lvl12 archer towers which mean they would be officially “TH10 level”. Wizard towers are nearly TH9 level now, I need another 4 levels on them before they are maxed. Looking through my tracker, it seems like I’ll run out of cheap and easy upgrades soon as my defenses reach TH11 level. The disparity between […]

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Pre-TH12 Checklist

Unfortunately TH12 offers almost nothing to a normal player. You need to spend an absurd amount of effort and time upgrading your warden before you become stronger than a TH11. Good news is that giga tesla lvl5 will prevent a lot of 3 stars against you, even with rushed defenses. Unless you are rushing an account for siege machines (new […]

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Day 336, attack logs from both bases

Attacking in the builder base can be really frustrating at times, at least this day isn’t bad at all. I got my 3 wins within 5 attacks which is great. Sometimes you hit losing streaks in the builder base which just makes you want to quit playing it altogether. Sometimes you lose a ton despite getting 90+% every single attack […]

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11th Month, builder base showcase

Nothing much going on in the main base today. I’m still updating my guides, just done with TH11 and now going to finish TH12 guides before moving on builder base guides. 3 upgrades completing in 12 hours but I already have enough gold to start all 3. I can’t believe how much was discounted for TH9/10, it is currently around […]

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Day 333, general planning

This was what my rewards screen looked like just 6 days before the end of the season. I still had a ton of things unused. In the end, I just sold my power potion, training potions and hero potion for 70 gems. Runes were much harder to use, I think I just sold my rune of elixir. My rune of […]

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Pre-TH11 Checklist

“Am I ready for TH11?” Most probably yes, if you’re asking this question. It is almost impossible to screw up by rushing your base, it might make things harder but you can never be stuck with no way to progress. Here’s a quick checklist of what you need before going to TH11. If you have followed my guide, you should […]